SISLEY Hydra-Global

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SISLEY Hydra-Global 40g/40ml

I finished this a few nights ago, but I’ve been too absorbed with tinkering with Lightroom (mine is new and shiny, and the approach is quite different to Photoshop so the learning curve is definitely there) to be interested in writing this up. And also, well, ‘okay’ just about sums my thoughts on this moisturiser up, so it is definitely not the most inspiring of subjects. It is not a bad moisturiser, and there are things I like about it, but there is, for me, nothing distinctive about it that sets it apart from the many, many other moisturisers available.

Hydra-Global is one of SISLEY’s newer products (although it is already a few years old, I bought mine perhaps two years ago?), and occupies a somewhat awkward position in the lineup. The fancy name is something of a misnomer, and it’s neither intensely hydrating nor anti-aging. I feel there is little to differentiate it from a ‘basic’ moisturiser.

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d PROGRAM Moist Care Lotion

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d PROGRAM Moist Care Lotion 125ml 3,675円 (税込)

I finished this today. The bottle lasted me about six weeks, which is about right if you use the amount suggested in the instructions. In my experience Japanese kesshousui (face lotions, or maybe toners, would be the closest translations I suppose, but I find translations awkward sometimes, and this is definitely one of those instances.) rarely last me as long as Western toners do, which in the past was reason enough for me to favour toners from Western brands. I’ve since resigned myself (probably) to replenishing the lotion part of my skin care regime more frequently as I feel kesshousui are often better at hydration than their western counterparts.

SHISEIDO d PROGRAM has been a brand I’ve been interested in for a while, and so when I discovered it on the shelves of the Fa-So-La duty free shops in Narita airport I was simply stoked! The brand is designed specifically with sensitive skin types in mind, and hence the products are formulated using clean manufacturing processes and without certain potentially irritating ingredients (more information on the official website). I picked up a trial pack earlier in the year, and was pleased enough with it to get more later.

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DR CI:LABO Cleansing Gel Super Sensitive

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DR CI:LABO Cleansing Gel Super Sensitive 120g 2,992円 (税込)

I’ve almost finished this, even though I don’t think I’ve been using this for much more than a month. It’s my first time using a cleansing gel (I’m usually a cleansing milk type of person), so maybe I’ve been using it a little too liberally. Right now I’m hoping my new cleansing products will arrive in the post before I finish this one up.

DR CI:LABO is a cosmeceutical skin care (and makeup) brand from Japan, and as is obvious from the name, the man behind it is a doctor and dermatologist. The products have a “scientific” tilt to them, and the philosophy behind the brand is simplicity (and science). The Super Sensitive line in particular was supposedly designed to protect the barrier function of delicate skin. (The products in the regular line are also meant to be gently, but I suppose these are doubly so.) I bought the few items in the Super Sensitive line together as a set earlier this year (or maybe it was late last year?). I doubt I would have been interested in this cleansing gel otherwise, but I don’t have any regrets giving it a try.

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SHISEIDO Ma Cherie Hair Treatment (Old)

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SHISEIDO Ma Cherie EX Hair Treatment NA and Platina Veil Treatment N 220g 1,260円 (税込)

This is the old version of Ma Cherie. The line (and packaging!) was revamped earlier in the year, and both these products were discontinued and replaced. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the new line, but I rather like these older ones (at least compared to the other Japanese drugstore hair products I’ve tried), and I’m a little sad they’ve been discontinued. It does seem pointless to write about something that’s been discontinued, but it took a number of months for these two to make their way across the seas to me.

The old Ma Cherie had two product lines differentiated according to hair type, or rather desired effect, hence the colour coded tubes in these pictures. The pink (or purple, I can never quite decide) tubes are for glossy, silky (さらさら) hair; while the orange ones are moisturising (しっとり) for glossy hair. Basically, they’re both meant to add a glossy sheen to hair, but the orange tubes tend to be richer than the pink ones. (And I’ve found this to be true.)

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SHU UEMURA Glow On (P Peach 40)

20 August, 2010 § 4 Comments


P Peach 40 was the first item I bought from my local SHU counter when it opened a few years ago. I didn’t have many blushes at that time, and the few I did have were variations on pink, so I wanted a versatile, not pink colour I would hopefully get a lot of use from. Unfortunately, while P Peach 40 is very wearable, my preference for pinky shades means it’s usually neglected. And it’s still my only peach blush, I think. (My collection is woefully skewed.)

From what I understand of SHU’s not so intuitive shade naming system, the initial stands for the finish, e.g. P for “Pearl” in this case, and also M for “Matte”. The number at the end confused me for a long time, but the first digit is supposed to signify the shade family and the second provides some indication of intensity. So in this case, 40 denotes a Peach blush (the “4”) that is the lightest in the Peach lineup (the “0”). Which doesn’t explain why some of the higher numbered shades on the website look lighter, but I find it hard enough to remember the shade names I shan’t bother too much with the reasoning behind them.

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MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator (BR 799)

15 August, 2010 § 5 Comments

MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator 4g 1,400円
6 variations

BR799, and the accompanying BR788 (a palette of warmer browns), was a permanent release from MAJOLICA MAJORCA’s Holiday 2008 collection. I remember contemplating BR799 when it was first released, not least because of a comparison to GUERLAIN’s Bal de Minuit in Hanamizuki, but I ended up devoting myself to LUNASOL, and I can’t remember what else if any at all, instead. Partly because I wasn’t too keen on the Illuminator series. I’m not sure why MAJOLICA MAJORCA decided to release these two palettes in the older Illuminator series with its accompanying icky cream shade instead of the newer Trick On series, which were first released for Spring 2008 and then again for Autumn 2008.

I’ve been using this for the better part of two weeks, and while I’m itching to pick up something else, I’ve also decided I like this palette as much as the other two I have from MJ (GR741 and GR750, both from the Trick On series), if not more. I find the neutral shades in BR799 much more wearable than the greens (and a navy) in both GR palettes, so I’m more inclined to look favourably upon BR799. The truth is that, while GR741 and GR750 are very pretty to look at, I hardly use them for fear of looking too colourful (and bright).

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CANMAKE Cream Cheek (03 Strawberry Whip)

10 August, 2010 § 4 Comments

CANMAKE Cream Cheek 609円 (税込)
6 shades (plus 2 LE)

CANMAKE is a very affordably priced Japanese drugstore brand… that, despite the popularity of their cheek products, I admittedly don’t usually pay attention to, and it was only by chance that I came upon this cream blush. It’s also my first cream blush so I don’t have anything to compare it with. I used to think cream products were messy and wasn’t keen on the shorter product life of cream products, as opposed to powder ones, but this Cream Cheek has changed my mind. XD

The Cream Cheek is, according to the official website, a “cream gel” type cheek. ☆ I’m not sure how this differs from normal cream types, but it dries down to a powdery finish on application.

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