SHISEIDO Ma Cherie Hair Treatment (Old)

25 August, 2010 § Leave a comment

SHISEIDO Ma Cherie EX Hair Treatment NA and Platina Veil Treatment N 220g 1,260円 (税込)

This is the old version of Ma Cherie. The line (and packaging!) was revamped earlier in the year, and both these products were discontinued and replaced. I haven’t had the pleasure of trying the new line, but I rather like these older ones (at least compared to the other Japanese drugstore hair products I’ve tried), and I’m a little sad they’ve been discontinued. It does seem pointless to write about something that’s been discontinued, but it took a number of months for these two to make their way across the seas to me.

The old Ma Cherie had two product lines differentiated according to hair type, or rather desired effect, hence the colour coded tubes in these pictures. The pink (or purple, I can never quite decide) tubes are for glossy, silky (さらさら) hair; while the orange ones are moisturising (しっとり) for glossy hair. Basically, they’re both meant to add a glossy sheen to hair, but the orange tubes tend to be richer than the pink ones. (And I’ve found this to be true.)

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