LUNASOL Colouring Cheeks (EX-01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink)

8 April, 2011 § 2 Comments

LUNASOL Colouring Cheeks 10g refill: 2,625円 (税込)
9 shades

LUNASOL blushes are usually soft, pretty, wearable (and in that regard perhaps not exciting) colours in huge pans, and this one is no exception. EX-01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink was an item in the limited edition Party Coffret, released for Holiday 2010. Unlike the previous time LUNASOL included a blush in their annual Party Coffret (the rather tiny EX-01 Soft Silver Rose), EX-01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink is a full-sized product.

The most remarkable thing about it is probably its mouthful of a name. But it is nevertheless a lovely shade, and one I like a lot.

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[ EARLY THOUGHTS ] NARS Blush (Douceur)

11 February, 2011 § 3 Comments

NARS Blush 4.8g

I’ve only used this a few times, but it’s not love… yet.

I don’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t already know this, but: Douceur was first released as a limited edition with last year’s (2010) autumn/winter collection. It’s still available, so it seems it is only the shallow NARS logo imprint, the kind more often found on NARS products off ebay (if you know what I mean), that is limited edition.

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SHU UEMURA Glow On (P Peach 40)

20 August, 2010 § 4 Comments


P Peach 40 was the first item I bought from my local SHU counter when it opened a few years ago. I didn’t have many blushes at that time, and the few I did have were variations on pink, so I wanted a versatile, not pink colour I would hopefully get a lot of use from. Unfortunately, while P Peach 40 is very wearable, my preference for pinky shades means it’s usually neglected. And it’s still my only peach blush, I think. (My collection is woefully skewed.)

From what I understand of SHU’s not so intuitive shade naming system, the initial stands for the finish, e.g. P for “Pearl” in this case, and also M for “Matte”. The number at the end confused me for a long time, but the first digit is supposed to signify the shade family and the second provides some indication of intensity. So in this case, 40 denotes a Peach blush (the “4”) that is the lightest in the Peach lineup (the “0”). Which doesn’t explain why some of the higher numbered shades on the website look lighter, but I find it hard enough to remember the shade names I shan’t bother too much with the reasoning behind them.

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CANMAKE Cream Cheek (03 Strawberry Whip)

10 August, 2010 § 4 Comments

CANMAKE Cream Cheek 609円 (税込)
6 shades (plus 2 LE)

CANMAKE is a very affordably priced Japanese drugstore brand… that, despite the popularity of their cheek products, I admittedly don’t usually pay attention to, and it was only by chance that I came upon this cream blush. It’s also my first cream blush so I don’t have anything to compare it with. I used to think cream products were messy and wasn’t keen on the shorter product life of cream products, as opposed to powder ones, but this Cream Cheek has changed my mind. XD

The Cream Cheek is, according to the official website, a “cream gel” type cheek. ☆ I’m not sure how this differs from normal cream types, but it dries down to a powdery finish on application.

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[ (Quick) COMPARISON ] SUQQU Blend Cheeks (03 しゃなり桃) & Noble Nuance Cheeks (EX-01 桃添)

24 March, 2010 § 8 Comments

I haven’t tried either of these yet, so a proper in-depth comparison (and swatches) will have to wait till some other time. (●´ω`●)ゞエヘヘ

Right: SUQQU Blend Cheeks (03 しゃなり桃) 4.5g 6,825円 (税込)
Left: SUQQU Noble Nuance Cheeks (EX-01 桃添) 4.6g 6,825円 (税込)

EX-01 Momozoe is limited edition and part of this year’s Spring collection. I’m not sure if it’s still available. 03 Shanarimomo is part of the permanent lineup. They’re both peachy pink shades with accompanying pale peachy layering shades, and as is obvious from the photo, look very, very similar in the pan. ウ・・ ウン(-ω-`;。)

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RMK Mystique Cheeks (01 Pink Beige)

14 November, 2009 § 4 Comments

RMK Mystique Cheeks 4.5g 3,990円 (税込)

Mystique Cheeks is the limited edition blush from RMK‘s Autumn 2009 collection, Autumn Mystique. Besides 01 Pink Beige, there’s also 02 Orange Beige, but I don’t like orange blush much so it was never in consideration. ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ

I was going to skip this originally, but… temptation (and the swatches at Yuki’s Lazy Channel and Shockisgood) was too hard to resist. (*`▽´*)ウヒョヒョ


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LUNASOL Contrasting Cheeks N (EX01 Soft Silver Rose)

26 September, 2009 § 1 Comment

LUNASOL Contrasting Cheeks N 3g

This was from last year’s (limited edition) Christmas coffret, but I only started using it about a month ago HAHA. ( 。-ω-)-ω-)-ω-) シーン・・・ (I know information about this year’s coffret is out already, but I’m just really slow! 彡(´∀`;●)彡 ヒューヒュー) I’ve been using this very often lately (my other most used blush recently is IPSA E571) as I learn to use my new(est) cheek brush… and I really like it! ・:*:・゚☆d(≧∀≦)b゚+.゚イイ ← Why didn’t I try it earlier?! ・・・(=ェ=`;)シーン

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