LUNASOL Colouring Cheeks (EX-01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink)

8 April, 2011 § 2 Comments

LUNASOL Colouring Cheeks 10g refill: 2,625円 (税込)
9 shades

LUNASOL blushes are usually soft, pretty, wearable (and in that regard perhaps not exciting) colours in huge pans, and this one is no exception. EX-01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink was an item in the limited edition Party Coffret, released for Holiday 2010. Unlike the previous time LUNASOL included a blush in their annual Party Coffret (the rather tiny EX-01 Soft Silver Rose), EX-01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink is a full-sized product.

The most remarkable thing about it is probably its mouthful of a name. But it is nevertheless a lovely shade, and one I like a lot.

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RMK Irresistible Lips C (EX-02 White Pink)

1 April, 2011 § 3 Comments

RMK Irresistible Lips C 3.8g 3,150円 (税込)
23 shades

EX-02 White Pink was a limited edition release (hence the ‘EX’ prefacing the shade number) from the Spring Modern collection of 2010. It’s a much loved member of my lipstick family, and, in the year I’ve had it, has somehow edged itself into being my most used lipstick. It’s a colour I use a lot in the warmer months, but mostly I blame the soft texture for its speedy depletion.

(Please excuse the ugly white sticker. I label my lipsticks with the season of purchase/first use so I’ll know when they get old.)

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[ EARLY THOUGHTS ] NARS Blush (Douceur)

11 February, 2011 § 3 Comments

NARS Blush 4.8g

I’ve only used this a few times, but it’s not love… yet.

I don’t believe there’s anyone who doesn’t already know this, but: Douceur was first released as a limited edition with last year’s (2010) autumn/winter collection. It’s still available, so it seems it is only the shallow NARS logo imprint, the kind more often found on NARS products off ebay (if you know what I mean), that is limited edition.

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CHANEL Le Vernis (505 Particuliere)

29 December, 2010 § 4 Comments

In all probability this is going to be the last post of the year, so here’s to wishing everyone a happy new year.

CHANEL Le Vernis 13ml

Particuliere was released for Spring this year, and is already almost a classic (and perhaps you will argue it is a one already). I’m not sure if it’s a limited edition shade (my original impression) or has made the permanent lineup. The colour in the bottle and on my nails — they’re identical — is a warm greyed brown with no shimmer. It’s a mousy colour but (somehow) it’s beautiful (opinions may vary). It’s a shade that is classic, elegant, stylish, but never boring. For me it’s the colour I turn to when I’m tired of pale pinks, peaches and beiges yet want something neutral and unostentatious.

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CHANEL Le Vernis (483 Vendetta)

23 December, 2010 § 2 Comments

I’m still finding it a little hard to believe the year is almost at its end already, but. Merry Christmas! And I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday period (with lots of food, and whatnot :P).

CHANEL Le Vernis 13ml

I’ve had Vendetta for a while, but it’s not one of my favourites, hence its appearance only now. On my nails it’s a deep indigo, with no real visible shimmer. It looks a little lighter and more purple in the bottle, with visible blue and red micro-shimmer. It does fit my ideas/images of ‘vendetta’ perfectly, but I’m a little disappointed the shimmer doesn’t translate onto the nails.

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SHU UEMURA Glow On (P Peach 40)

20 August, 2010 § 4 Comments


P Peach 40 was the first item I bought from my local SHU counter when it opened a few years ago. I didn’t have many blushes at that time, and the few I did have were variations on pink, so I wanted a versatile, not pink colour I would hopefully get a lot of use from. Unfortunately, while P Peach 40 is very wearable, my preference for pinky shades means it’s usually neglected. And it’s still my only peach blush, I think. (My collection is woefully skewed.)

From what I understand of SHU’s not so intuitive shade naming system, the initial stands for the finish, e.g. P for “Pearl” in this case, and also M for “Matte”. The number at the end confused me for a long time, but the first digit is supposed to signify the shade family and the second provides some indication of intensity. So in this case, 40 denotes a Peach blush (the “4”) that is the lightest in the Peach lineup (the “0”). Which doesn’t explain why some of the higher numbered shades on the website look lighter, but I find it hard enough to remember the shade names I shan’t bother too much with the reasoning behind them.

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MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator (BR 799)

15 August, 2010 § 5 Comments

MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator 4g 1,400円
6 variations

BR799, and the accompanying BR788 (a palette of warmer browns), was a permanent release from MAJOLICA MAJORCA’s Holiday 2008 collection. I remember contemplating BR799 when it was first released, not least because of a comparison to GUERLAIN’s Bal de Minuit in Hanamizuki, but I ended up devoting myself to LUNASOL, and I can’t remember what else if any at all, instead. Partly because I wasn’t too keen on the Illuminator series. I’m not sure why MAJOLICA MAJORCA decided to release these two palettes in the older Illuminator series with its accompanying icky cream shade instead of the newer Trick On series, which were first released for Spring 2008 and then again for Autumn 2008.

I’ve been using this for the better part of two weeks, and while I’m itching to pick up something else, I’ve also decided I like this palette as much as the other two I have from MJ (GR741 and GR750, both from the Trick On series), if not more. I find the neutral shades in BR799 much more wearable than the greens (and a navy) in both GR palettes, so I’m more inclined to look favourably upon BR799. The truth is that, while GR741 and GR750 are very pretty to look at, I hardly use them for fear of looking too colourful (and bright).

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