RMK Irresistible Lips C (EX-02 White Pink)

1 April, 2011 § 3 Comments

RMK Irresistible Lips C 3.8g 3,150円 (税込)
23 shades

EX-02 White Pink was a limited edition release (hence the ‘EX’ prefacing the shade number) from the Spring Modern collection of 2010. It’s a much loved member of my lipstick family, and, in the year I’ve had it, has somehow edged itself into being my most used lipstick. It’s a colour I use a lot in the warmer months, but mostly I blame the soft texture for its speedy depletion.

(Please excuse the ugly white sticker. I label my lipsticks with the season of purchase/first use so I’ll know when they get old.)

EX-02 White Pink is a sheer, shimmery warm pink. This is a light, fresh colour perfect for spring and summer. I tend to use it less as the weather grows colder.

The Irresistible Lips C formula is light and very sheer, with an emollient, almost balm-like consistency. I like the soft, buttery texture a lot as it feels very comfortable on the lips. It’s an unfussy lipstick that applies easily, even without a mirror. Typical of sheer lipsticks, it adds a glossy sheen to the lips. It’s moisturising and, for lips that aren’t dry, a lipstick that doesn’t need to be paired with lip balm.

The lipstick is lightly scented with a pleasantly sweet fruity scent. I prefer my lipsticks unscented, but the fruity scent is not at all intrusive.

EX-02 White Pink is a versatile colour that would pair well with many pink, coral and peachy pink blushes, and the eyeshadows that go with them. I like to use this with fresh, sheerly applied, “spring”-y green or blue-green eyeshadows, and of course the usual suspects of browns and neutrals.

My lips are naturally pigmented and reddish. With EX-02 I get a lighter, pinker and glossier version of my natural lip colour.

I have rather ambivalent feelings towards RMK’s packaging. The shiny silver metal doesn’t appeal to me, and neither does the font (even less the words printed on their cardboard boxes), but the packaging feels pleasantly solid and the shapes are elegantly minimalist.



§ 3 Responses to RMK Irresistible Lips C (EX-02 White Pink)

  • evie says:

    still new to trying out lipsticks but this looks good! love that its moisturising as sometimes i find that lipsticks are kind of drying so i usually stay from them..the colour looks gorgeous one you ^_^

    • littlewing says:

      Thank you. :) I’m more of a lipstick person as windy cities, gloss and long hair don’t mix well. ;) I think RMK’s Irresistible C lipsticks are really quite good and worth a try (if you like sheer lipsticks), although admittedly when it comes to sheer lipsticks there are so many available to choose from I’m not sure the RMK ones particularly stand out. :D;

  • Jess says:

    Your lips look great with this lippie on! I have yet to try out a RMK lipstick, but I have already heard lots of good things!

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