DUCHESS MARDEN Damascena Pure Rose Water

31 March, 2011 § 7 Comments

DUCHESS MARDEN Damascena Pure Rose Water 122ml

I’ve fallen disgracefully behind with blogging once again. It seems every post here begins with such a sentence. (I would like to say I’ll be more diligent but, honestly, that’s not very likely.)

I’ve been using this bottle of DUCHESS MARDEN Damascena Pure Rose Water recently as my toner/kesshousui. I know little about DUCHESS MARDEN besides that it’s a natural skin and body care from the USA, but I came across a mention of their rose water as a luxury alternative to the good old bottled rose water from the provision store and decided to try it (in a fit of mild insanity). I’ve been interested in rose water as a natural option to toners and facial lotions, but I hadn’t tried any before this.

Unfortunately, to pun badly, it isn’t all a bed of roses. (I promise this will be the last and only time I’ll be punning, or making sad attempts at doing so. I couldn’t resist, sorry.) I’ve read numerous mentions of the soothing effect of rose water, but this bottle stings my eyes painfully. On the rest of my face, it feels like… well, water.

The spray is a convenient inclusion, but mine often doesn’t work properly and I’m unable to get any spray out. Needless to say, I’m disappointed.

Perhaps trying rose water after being accustomed to Japanese kesshousui isn’t such a good idea. I haven’t been persuaded by this brief affair with rose water.



§ 7 Responses to DUCHESS MARDEN Damascena Pure Rose Water

  • Blair says:

    How are you doing sweetie?

    Ughh what a fail! Perhaps lower end alternatives will suit you more?

    • littlewing says:

      Hello! :D

      I’ve been busy with the boring bits of real life, but I’m trying to get back into a blogging routine… again. :X How have you been? I must sign onto gchat again, if you’re still there. :)

      I don’t think I’ll be trying another rose, or floral, water. Kesshousui are just so much better! :D

  • evie says:

    humph i remember i did comment here too!
    sorry for the late comment! hehe was busy with work -.- awwww why must a bottle that is so pretty(especially on the cap) must be a dud! and i was planning to search for it(sucker for all things pretty)until i saw the disappointing review as i scroll down

    • evie says:

      there hehe..i think my chrome is wonky on wordpress..^_^

    • littlewing says:

      Haha, it’s okay. :) I really appreciate the time you take to comment. :)

      Duchess Marden is available from Beautyhabit, or at least that’s where I bought it from. But I agree, the packaging is probably the best thing about it. = = Food-grade rose water would be better value, I think. :D;

    • littlewing says:

      I’m quite easily persuaded by pretty packaging too. :D I think Sofina Jeune and the new Cosme Decorte are quite pretty, with similar swirly motifs, but I’m not sure how plastic they’d feel. it’s more practical, but I don’t like plastic as much as glass packaging. :D;

  • Marla Steuer says:

    Dear Little Wing,

    I am so sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience with the Duchess Marden Rose Water that you purchased. I understand your disappointment entirely, particularly with regards to having difficulty with the sprayer. What makes our Rose Water entirely unique lies in its undiluted purity, and its quality, which helps to calm the skin, control sebum production, reduce redness, clean the pores, and help balance the pH as an effective toner. I would be grateful if you would allow us to send you a free bottle of our larger-size back-bar Rose Water, which has a delightful sprayer pump. As well, I would like to send you an additional product to enjoy as our gift – our anti-wrinkle serum, used in lieu of eye cream for hydration. Please provide me with your mailing address. It is important to me and to Duchess Marden that you have the greatest experience, and I will go to great lengths to see that you do!

    Warmest regards,

    Marla Steuer
    Founder & President
    Duchess Marden

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