SISLEY Ecological Compound

19 January, 2011 § 4 Comments

SISLEY Ecological Compound 125ml

I’ve almost finished this, so it’s time for a review. Ecological Compound is one of SISLEY’s more popular products. I’ve seen it more than once in the annual rankings of Japanese beauty magazines. It’s a light moisturising fluid, and although it comes touted with a list of additional benefits, it’s basically just a moisturiser.

I’m still not quite sure what I think of this product, but I know I won’t be repurchasing.

Ecological Compound is packaged in a heavy, clear glass bottle with an easy to use pump that allows you to dispense only as much as you need. (Sometimes I don’t need to use an entire pump for my face.) The bottle isn’t very travel friendly, and I’ve taken to packing it in its cardboard box before putting it in my suitcase. Despite this, I like the packaging, and apart from minor aesthetic quibbles (surely I am not the only one who does not find SISLEY’s packaging appealing to the eye?), I wouldn’t change it.

This is a light moisturiser with a thin, fluid consistency. It spreads easily, so very little is needed to spread over the whole face. I use it as both my day and night moisturiser, but I do not think it would be moisturising enough for dry skin types, or even for non-oily skin types in dry weather. Its position in the SISLEY system is actually to be used before another SISLEY moisturiser (SISLEY does not really have much in the way of serums), so this would be an option for those who don’t find it hydrating enough on its own. My skin is combination-oily, however, so layering another moisturiser (I tried with SISLEY Hydra-Global) over doesn’t work for me — it feels too heavy and my skin gets very oily.

I found this little more than a basic moisturiser that didn’t irritate my skin. And for me, it wasn’t even a very good moisturiser. In humid tropical weather this was too greasy for me, but in dry weather, I have to use this with a hydrating serum as alone, it is simply not moisturising enough for me. I haven’t noticed any of what has made Ecological Compound such an enduringly popular product, and for this I am disappointed. (But my skin is finicky, and at once sensitive and resistant — I never seem to experience any of the miraculous properties of skin care that other people do.)

I don’t believe this is fragranced, but it carries the typical SISLEY botanical fragrance. 125ml is is such a large amount, I don’t notice the scent at all now, I’m simply assuming it is the typical SISLEY botanical scent.



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