SISLEY Hydra-Global

3 October, 2010 § Leave a comment

SISLEY Hydra-Global 40g/40ml

I finished this a few nights ago, but I’ve been too absorbed with tinkering with Lightroom (mine is new and shiny, and the approach is quite different to Photoshop so the learning curve is definitely there) to be interested in writing this up. And also, well, ‘okay’ just about sums my thoughts on this moisturiser up, so it is definitely not the most inspiring of subjects. It is not a bad moisturiser, and there are things I like about it, but there is, for me, nothing distinctive about it that sets it apart from the many, many other moisturisers available.

Hydra-Global is one of SISLEY’s newer products (although it is already a few years old, I bought mine perhaps two years ago?), and occupies a somewhat awkward position in the lineup. The fancy name is something of a misnomer, and it’s neither intensely hydrating nor anti-aging. I feel there is little to differentiate it from a ‘basic’ moisturiser.

One of my favourite things about it is the pump packaging. And perhaps this is an indication of how just okay this moisturiser is, if the packaging makes it to my list of favourites, but a pump is just cleaner and I appreciate that. One pump dispenses only a little product, but it’s generally enough for the whole face. Using two pumps tends to make my combination-oily skin protest with more oil.

It is lightly fragranced, but I like the botanical, floral scent.

Texture-wise, it’s a medium-weight cream. It’s not as light as, for example, Ecological Compound, but at the same time lacks the heaviness of richer, more moisturising creams. It feels creamy, and not at all balm-like. It’s easy to spread, and absorbs reasonably quickly without being greasy.

I used this at night, supplemented with a hydrating serum, and while it was adequately moisturising for my skin, I doubt it would be sufficient for anyone with dry(-er) skin. It was, however, too rich for me to also use in the day, so I feel that for combination skin types it is perhaps better left as a night cream.

I was most pleased to note that it was always gentle on my skin, and I never experienced any irritation from it. Of course, it didn’t exactly do much in the first place… (apart from the usual softness and smoothness associated with adequately moisturised skin, which I feel is not too hard to replicate with other products.)



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