d PROGRAM Moist Care Lotion

30 August, 2010 § Leave a comment

d PROGRAM Moist Care Lotion 125ml 3,675円 (税込)

I finished this today. The bottle lasted me about six weeks, which is about right if you use the amount suggested in the instructions. In my experience Japanese kesshousui (face lotions, or maybe toners, would be the closest translations I suppose, but I find translations awkward sometimes, and this is definitely one of those instances.) rarely last me as long as Western toners do, which in the past was reason enough for me to favour toners from Western brands. I’ve since resigned myself (probably) to replenishing the lotion part of my skin care regime more frequently as I feel kesshousui are often better at hydration than their western counterparts.

SHISEIDO d PROGRAM has been a brand I’ve been interested in for a while, and so when I discovered it on the shelves of the Fa-So-La duty free shops in Narita airport I was simply stoked! The brand is designed specifically with sensitive skin types in mind, and hence the products are formulated using clean manufacturing processes and without certain potentially irritating ingredients (more information on the official website). I picked up a trial pack earlier in the year, and was pleased enough with it to get more later.

The Moist Care line, as the name implies, is targeted towards dry (sensitive) skin. Like the Balance Care line I sampled earlier in the year, it also purports to repair and protect the skin’s natural barrier function, while restoring moisture to the skin. I like the d PROGRAM Lotions because these, unlike many other Japanese kesshousui, are formulated without alcohol. They also don’t contain parabens, colouring, fragrance and mineral oil.

The full-sizes come in cute coloured plastic bottles with a pump. I was pleased to find that the pump unscrews as it meant I was able to get every last (precious!) bit of product out. The pump was easy to use, and two pumps, the suggested usage amount, dispenses a more than adequate amount for my face and neck (but mostly my face).

The product itself is unscented, and a clear, watery liquid with a somewhat slippery feel to it. The consistency is a little thicker (i.e. less viscous) than Balance Care Lotion II, and in my opinion unsuitable for use with lotion (paper?) or cotton pad masks, which work better with lighter kesshousui. The texture is a little too rich to absorb easily into cotton pads or paper masks, and you would probably end up using a lot of lotion were you to try.

Using it, I found it on the whole quite similar to Balance Care Lotion II, albeit a little richer. It took a while to absorb, and was generally rather sticky (more so than with Balance Care Lotion II). It kept my skin all nice and soft and moisturised without irritating it, but I’m not so sure about the barrier repair thing — I can’t say if my skin is more resistant and less sensitive.

I’m not sure if I would repurchase this, or opt for the lighter Balance Care Lotion II (or Acne Care Lotion). I think it would work, and the stickiness would be more bearable, if I paired it with lighter moisturisers and serums, but with my current products (SISLEY Ecological Compound and Hydra-Global) the result is unbearably sticky. Perhaps a gel cream type moisturiser would be better for this. One thing is for certain though, it has made me more reluctant to try the other products in the Moist Care line. I was originally thinking of trying the emulsion and cream, but now maybe not.



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