SHU UEMURA Glow On (P Peach 40)

20 August, 2010 § 4 Comments


P Peach 40 was the first item I bought from my local SHU counter when it opened a few years ago. I didn’t have many blushes at that time, and the few I did have were variations on pink, so I wanted a versatile, not pink colour I would hopefully get a lot of use from. Unfortunately, while P Peach 40 is very wearable, my preference for pinky shades means it’s usually neglected. And it’s still my only peach blush, I think. (My collection is woefully skewed.)

From what I understand of SHU’s not so intuitive shade naming system, the initial stands for the finish, e.g. P for “Pearl” in this case, and also M for “Matte”. The number at the end confused me for a long time, but the first digit is supposed to signify the shade family and the second provides some indication of intensity. So in this case, 40 denotes a Peach blush (the “4”) that is the lightest in the Peach lineup (the “0”). Which doesn’t explain why some of the higher numbered shades on the website look lighter, but I find it hard enough to remember the shade names I shan’t bother too much with the reasoning behind them.

The packaging is functional clear plastic that’s thick enough not to feel flimsy. While this revamped design has sharp corners and is generally sleeker, more polished and… well, less tacky than the old packaging, minimalistic is probably the most flattering descriptor applicable. Although I suppose such simplicity is a good thing if it facilitates stacking and storage. ;P

P Peach 40 is a pale, true peach shade with lots of fine, silver shimmer. I use it as a blush, but I doubt it would show up as one on darker skin tones. On my skin it’s a faint peachy flush. To me it’s a casual colour to be worn daily with (almost) anything and everything. It’s a rather basic shade in my opinion, but it has a lovely glowy finish, common to all the “P” (or Pearl) finish blushes, that sets it apart.

Although discernible in the pan (and I hope in the pictures below), the silver shimmer bits are only evident as a general glow when applied.

I had a hard time trying to swatch this blush as it wouldn’t show up clearly on my arm, despite my best efforts to layer it. It actually shows up much better on my face, and I usually only need one or two layers for a light flush of colour. I find the colour payoff and pigmentation level decent (in the context of Japanese brands, I’m not so familiar with Western ones), and characteristic of Glow Ons in general in that a swipe or two across the pan usually suffices.

Texture-wise, the powder is finely milled and feels smooth and velvety. I get almost no flyaway powder when I run my brush across the pan, and blending is easy. I usually don’t have a problem with blush fading through the day, and this one is no exception.

In other words, I have nothing bad to say about this blush. Although if I really had to, it would be the shape of the pan I dislike. The brushes I use are wider than the width of the pan, which makes swiping the brush across a little annoying. I generally prefer squarer (or circular) pan shapes.

I actually pair this blush with another most of the time and rarely wear it alone. I find it works well for layering because it’s such a pale shade. My most frequent combination is with a matte orange, M Orange 55, also from SHU (mostly because I find the bright orange too daunting to use by itself).



§ 4 Responses to SHU UEMURA Glow On (P Peach 40)

  • Jess says:

    It’s a really cute peachy shade. Gives you a very natural flush!

    • littlewing says:

      Thank you! :) I’m admittedly not much of a peach person, but I like this one. Maybe you can convert me to peaches, hehe. ;)

  • Blair says:

    The closeups remind me very much of my Bihada Ichizoku Beige blush. It might be a dupe!!

    I don’t really use my peach blushes either! Ummm.. not that I use blush that often >_> But if I do reach for a blush, it’d be a pink/red one, so continue with your biased-ness! We should indulge in things that we like instead of variety but variety is nice too (sometimes) ;D

    • littlewing says:

      *sends you use blush vibes voodoos* But a dupe! That’s good? :D Bihada blush on the whole reminds a lot of Shu, probably it’s the packaging. :D;;;

      I like variety, it means more blush to buy. ;D I’ve been wanting a red one recently, I don’t think I have a red one yet. I have a sea of pinks though, and they begin to look very similar after a while, so I want to buy more blush diversify. :DDD

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