MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator (BR 799)

15 August, 2010 § 5 Comments

MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator 4g 1,400円
6 variations

BR799, and the accompanying BR788 (a palette of warmer browns), was a permanent release from MAJOLICA MAJORCA’s Holiday 2008 collection. I remember contemplating BR799 when it was first released, not least because of a comparison to GUERLAIN’s Bal de Minuit in Hanamizuki, but I ended up devoting myself to LUNASOL, and I can’t remember what else if any at all, instead. Partly because I wasn’t too keen on the Illuminator series. I’m not sure why MAJOLICA MAJORCA decided to release these two palettes in the older Illuminator series with its accompanying icky cream shade instead of the newer Trick On series, which were first released for Spring 2008 and then again for Autumn 2008.

I’ve been using this for the better part of two weeks, and while I’m itching to pick up something else, I’ve also decided I like this palette as much as the other two I have from MJ (GR741 and GR750, both from the Trick On series), if not more. I find the neutral shades in BR799 much more wearable than the greens (and a navy) in both GR palettes, so I’m more inclined to look favourably upon BR799. The truth is that, while GR741 and GR750 are very pretty to look at, I hardly use them for fear of looking too colourful (and bright).

I don’t use the cream shade at all. I find MJ eye shadows dip relatively fast for me, more so than the other brands I have, and it’s obvious when a pan has been used. The pan of cream base (or highlighter), however, is untouched apart from a few specks of stray powder. I usually ignore it, and I’m going to do so for the rest of this. ;P

So, paying no heed to the cream base, the palette is a gorgeous collection of neutrals. It fits in well with the decadent, girly image of MJ’s “I am Gorgeous” Holiday collection (… I’m not even going to comment on their choice of name), as best illustrated in the Chapter 21 website. And for some reason it also brings to my mind stray thoughts of winter in Imperial Russia. Perhaps because of this palette’s similarity to GUERLAIN Bal de Minuit. Or perhaps I’ve been reading too much Fandorin.

I’ve been wearing this palette in the day with (relatively) subdued looks, but it also lends itself well to more dramatic, smoky eyes.

The three powder shades are, from left: a shimmery light peach with an intense luminous finish; a silvery taupe with shimmer and a pearly finish; and a deep brown with some silver and pink shimmer. None of which have any of that chunky shimmer I dislike. (I used to like shimmer, but my love has cooled a lot over the past year or two.)

Hopefully this picture below shows the shimmer present better, if only for the deep brown shade.

The peach shade applies very sheerly on my eyelids, and is little more than a wash of shimmer. I don’t like this shade too much as the texture feels inferior to the other two colours. It doesn’t feel as smooth and is more crumbly than the other two. However, it does serve its purpose as an all over lid colour and highlighter so I still use it. The silvery taupe, on the other hand, is a completely different matter. I’m not a taupe fiend (nor a detractor), but this is a lovely, lovely shade. ♥ I’m more indifferent about the dark brown, but it goes perfectly with the silvery taupe and is dark enough to serve as a lining shade, so I suppose I like it too.

Texture-wise, the (powder) eyeshadows are the typical soft, moist offering from MJ. They can be a little crumbly, and there’s the tendency for stray powder to fall off the brush and onto my cheeks (and everywhere else), but mostly they’re smooth and velvety to the touch, with decent colour payoff. I still find myself needing to layer a little, but they’re less sheer than the other Japanese drugstore palettes I’ve tried (which, admittedly, are rather few), and very easy to blend.

I usually see some creasing and fading by the end of the day, but it’s usually so little as to be unnoticeable, and in general the eyeshadows hold up very well to a long day of wear on my oily lids (with a primer, of course).

If it’s not already evident, I think this is a wonderful palette, given the price. I’m really happy it was a permanent release, and is still available now, or I would have missed out on a lovely palette with exactly the type of neutral shades I like most. :D

It’s also an undemanding palette when it comes to coordinating blushes and lipsticks. I’ve worn it with pink, peach and peach pink blushes (and lip products), and although I like it best with pink blush, it’s worked well with the other shades families too.

EOTD, in which sadly the camera wasn’t able to properly capture the full beauty of silvery taupe (or any of it, in fact, grr):



§ 5 Responses to MAJOLICA MAJORCA Majolook Illuminator (BR 799)

  • Jess says:

    This is a really soft neutral palette – very pretty! And it reminds me of my EST Emotional Aura Eyes 03, which is probably my favorite palette these days. ;)

    The shades look so pretty on you!

    • littlewing says:

      Oh, I’ve been wanting to try Est palettes since seeing their ad in Voce when they were first released! And 03 is one of those I’ve been eyeing, I’m almost envious you have it, haha. ;D But since it has your recommendation I should take the plunge and order them soon, I think. ;P

      • Jess says:

        Yaa, Est palettes are amazing! I feel, I even prefer Est to Lunasol now, hehe…

        I’ve ordered two palettes from the latest Fall 2010 collection, and I can’t wait to receive them! :)

        • littlewing says:

          Ooh? Better than Lunasol? :D I’ll admit I’ve been getting a little tired of Lunasol (I’ll deny it later, haha), so Est sounds wonderful! XD So far I’m only eyeing the older Emotional Aura Eyes palettes, the Emotional Multiple Eyes series doesn’t really appeal to me, and I haven’t looked into the latest Fall palettes yet although from first glance they look lovely. :)

          I hope you get your new palettes soon! I’ll be looking forward to seeing them on your blog. ;)

  • Clare says:

    looks nice on you =)

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