CANMAKE Cream Cheek (03 Strawberry Whip)

10 August, 2010 § 4 Comments

CANMAKE Cream Cheek 609円 (税込)
6 shades (plus 2 LE)

CANMAKE is a very affordably priced Japanese drugstore brand… that, despite the popularity of their cheek products, I admittedly don’t usually pay attention to, and it was only by chance that I came upon this cream blush. It’s also my first cream blush so I don’t have anything to compare it with. I used to think cream products were messy and wasn’t keen on the shorter product life of cream products, as opposed to powder ones, but this Cream Cheek has changed my mind. XD

The Cream Cheek is, according to the official website, a “cream gel” type cheek. ☆ I’m not sure how this differs from normal cream types, but it dries down to a powdery finish on application.

CANMAKE’s packaging is simple, but cute. I like the whimsical little touches to what would otherwise have been plain, boring plastic. There’s no mention of how much product a Cream Cheek contains, but it’s quite small — it’s a little bigger than my SONIA RYKIEL lip gloss pot, but about the size of an IPSA Face Colour.

03 Strawberry Whip is a medium pink shade with silver shimmer. It does remind me of strawberry flavoured things, though not actual strawberries — those tend to be redder, but I prefer to think of it as dolly blush. It’s cute and girly and youthful. Most importantly, it’s easy to wear; I use this every day (paired with a powder blush).

The shimmer bits are relatively small and sparse once the blush has been blended out, and not too obvious. I don’t see the shimmer on my cheeks, but that’s also maybe because I don’t look up close hard enough.

This product converted me to cream blushes, and wearing them together with powder ones, because it’s so natural and glowy. It actually does look like a natural flush from within.

I also found it easy to use, in spite of my inexperienced fumblings. The cream gel formula is smooth and creamy without being greasy, and easy to pick up and blend with fingers. It’s decently pigmented, and lasts throughout the day for me. (But I’ve always used it with a powder blush and I don’t often experience fading when it comes to blushes.)

As far as I can tell, it hasn’t caused me more clogged pores or irritated my skin, so overall I’m happy with it. So far I like using it with JILL STUART Blush Powder (01 Shy Pink) for fresh pink cheeks, and also NARS Orgasm — coral pink! — and Super Orgasm.

I think it’s hard to beat the combination of affordable price point and wide range of shade options. :D Sometimes my foundation is a little splotchy with Cream Cheek on top, but I don’t know if that is Cream Cheek’s fault.



§ 4 Responses to CANMAKE Cream Cheek (03 Strawberry Whip)

  • Blair says:

    Did we write the same things? Nah, I find them different! =D I can see PAN! Strawberry Whip is very well loved *yay*

    Yes Sakura Matcha sounds fascinating but it doesn’t taste as nice as I want it to be =[

    • littlewing says:

      Ah, I thought the gist of it was similar, but I’m glad you don’t think so. :)

      I should show you a picture of my Strawberry Whip now, the visible pan portion is much larger. I think it’s days are numbered. ;D It’s a pity about the Sakura Matcha, but actually I find Sakura flavoured things taste a little strange-tasting. :D;;; They have this unique, but indescribable taste. XO

  • asa says:

    i have to get this!!!

    • littlewing says:

      I’m so sorry for the very late reply! DX But yes, the Canmake Cream Cheeks are definitely worth a try. Did you end up getting yourself one? :)

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