SISLEY Botanical Night Complex

8 August, 2010 § Leave a comment

SISLEY Botanical Night Complex 30ml

The Botanical Night Complex is a treatment meant to be used for ten consecutive nights every month. (It’s suggested, in the accompanying leaflet, it be used the ten days following the end of the menstrual period, but I don’t really follow that because I’m terrible at counting and lose count of the days too easily; it’s easier to start on the first day of the month.) It contains a blend of botanical extracts and essential oils to restore vitality and radiance to dull, tired skin. It’s night use only, and during those ten nights it replaces the regular skin care routine, i.e. toner, moisturiser, etc.

I think, as far as I can tell given the opaque (and rather ugly) green bottle, I’m on my last ten nights, so it’s time to write something about it. :D

The first thing about it is that it smells… rather unpleasant, to put it mildly. Actually it smells (rather strongly!) something like rotten fish to me. The other SISLEY products I’ve used all have lovely fragrances, so I’m not sure how or why this particular blend of botanical extracts etc ended up smelling so terrible.

But, despite my initial scepticism, it actually does work (quite wonderfully) for me so I don’t mind suffering through the smell. I don’t use this every month, and in fact I’m rather lazy and only use it sporadically when I remember. Personally, its effect isn’t so obvious when I use it on a monthly basis, so I don’t bother to. I use this probably about once every three or four months, when the seasons are changing or after a holiday (during which my skin always takes a turn for the disastrous, usually due to my own sheer laziness). It somehow restores my skin to its previous (less disastrous) condition. By the end of the ten day usage period, my skin is usually clearer, smoother and, well, revitalised. My base makeup applies noticeably better.

I sometimes experience flaky, peeling skin the first few days, but that’s usually gone by about night five. When I asked about it at my local counter, I was told the flakiness was due to the Botanical Night Complex stimulating the removal of surface dead skin cells. In other words, it seems to have a slight exfoliating effect. I’m not sure how true this is, as I was thinking it didn’t hydrate my skin enough. The Botanical Night Complex is rather greasy, in my opinion, but to me it’s more of a greasy but not actually moisturising consistency. My face gets quite oily when I use this, but since it’s used at night when I’m off to bed I don’t mind.

The directions suggest using a pump of product each time. I followed this initially, but after having the bottle a while I was afraid it would spoil before I was finished with it so I now use two (and there was once even three!) pumps. It seems more effective that way. XD

One bottle lasts a while. I think I bought this one about two years ago. I’m not sure if I’ll repurchase, because it’s expensive and I also use Retin-A, which this potentially interferes with, in the sense that it’s unadvisable to use both at together.



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