SONIA RYKIEL Rouge a Levres (02)

4 August, 2010 § Leave a comment

SONIA RYKIEL Rouge a Levres 5.0g
3 variations, LE

This little pot of lipgloss was part of SONIA RYKIEL’s limited edition Christmas collection from 2008. The collection was titled Baisers (Kisses), hence the lip pattern. The signature SONIA RYKIEL gold striped packaging was also replaced with solid hot pink, a change I definitely appreciate.

Although I purchased this when it was released back in 2008, it’s taken a while for me to use it, and I only really started using this earlier this year. I’m a little sorry to dig holes into the lip print, but I’m not one to buy makeup solely for aesthetic purposes so it had to be used eventually. :D

I chose 02, a combination of two pink shades of differing intensity, as it was, for me, the most wearable out of the three.

Despite avoiding lipbalms packaged in tubs, or more generally lip balms packaged in anything other than tubes, I actually like it when my lip gloss comes in a jar since I always use my own lip brush for application. I also really like the shiny, pink packaging, despite it being prone to fingerprints and scratches.

02 consists of a bright, medium pink “lip” surrounded by a pale pink gloss. The lip pattern goes all the way to the bottom of the jar, and both shades are infused with lots of fine shimmer. I’m not fond of shimmery lip products, but the shimmer here is neither gritty nor too obvious when applied.

The pale pink is so light as to offer no visible difference from a clear gloss, but the bright pink is surprisingly pigmented. I usually use either colour, and the light pink more than the darker shade, but they can be used together with the light pink layered over the darker, which is probably pigmented enough to be used in place of lipstick.

While I bought this more for its appearance, the lip gloss formula is actually good. It’s slick and not sticky, and rose scented. I prefer non-scented lip products, but I also like rose scents and this one is not too bad, although it does tend to linger.

I hope SONIA RYKIEL produces similar products again, I like this one enough to definitely consider getting new, similar releases. :D



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