LUNASOL Lighting for Eyes (EX04 Soft Silver Lighting)

1 August, 2010 § 4 Comments

LUNASOL Lighting for Eyes 6.5g
LE variation from Christmas 2008

The Lighting for Eyes series was one of LUNASOL’s earlier palette series. The five original palettes in the series, of which I think only four are still available, were released as part of the Autumn collection of 2005, and formed part of the permanent point makeup lineup. Since then, 04 Neutral has become something of a classic as far as LUNASOL palettes go.

This palette, EX04 Soft Silver Lighting, however was part of the 2008 Christmas coffret, which consisted of four limited edition point makeup items in a party-ready clutch/pouch. LUNASOL releases party coffrets every year for the Holiday season, usually with an eyeshadow quad that has previously always been of the neutral/brown variety, but this is the only one I’ve bought so far.

Unfortunately the sky wasn’t cooperating when I decided to take photos today and there was barely enough natural light. As a result the photos all turned out overly cool-toned. The palette is more warm-toned in real life, but I don’t think it’s too warm as to be unsuitable for cooler skin tones.

The warm tones make it a lovely palette for cold days and winter. The collection was inspired by the image of moonlit nights, and the resultant palette conveys a look that is at once feminine and elegant.

The colours are, clockwise from top left: a warm (faintly pink-toned) cream; dusty, rosy pink; shimmery silver; and deep, warm chocolate brown. In line with the collection’s silver theme, all the shades are infused with fine, silver shimmer.

As with previous incarnations of LUNASOL Holiday palettes, the overall look falls under neutrals/browns, and is versatile enough for both day and night use. The rose pink adds warmth and a touch of femininity, but tends to blend out quite sheer on me and the look is dominated by the chocolate brown shade. The cream shade makes a lovely base and highlighter. However I don’t usually use the shimmery silver “jewellery powder” as it’s too sparkly for me, but I’m sure it’d be much more appreciated for party or “night out” looks.

The shadows are well-pigmented by Japanese makeup standards, with decent colour payoff. They’re smooth (the jewellery powder less so, but still better than other similar examples from KANEBO) and velvety to the touch, if a little dry and prone to crumbling and loose, flyaway powders. As mentioned above, the Lighting for Eyes series is a relatively old series and newer series have improved on texture and quality.

This palette wears decently, similar to the other LUNASOL palettes I have. With an eyeshadow primer, I don’t experience fading but at the end of the day there is generally some creasing.

Overall, I like this palette quite a lot. It’s quite subtle (without the jewellery powder, that is) and very wearable. It’s one of those palettes you can get a lot of use from, which is probably the general idea behind the Christmas coffret items.

Also included in the 2008 party coffret was a mini rose pink with silver shimmer blush from the Contrasting Cheeks N range. The palette and blush match perfectly, as they were no doubt intended to. When not using them together, I would probably pair the palette with neutral to warm pinks and nude pinks (or pink nudes?).

I still have the photos I took when I first bought the coffret, so here they are, dodgy photography skills notwithstanding. The first was taken in natural light, and the second with slow synchro flash. These give a better indication of colour and shimmer.

EOTD, in which the colours appear faded still:



§ 4 Responses to LUNASOL Lighting for Eyes (EX04 Soft Silver Lighting)

  • Jess says:

    This is a really pretty palette! The photos and swatches are awesome! I love how it creates depth to your eyes. <3

    • littlewing says:

      I like this palette a lot too, it’s a pity it was limited edition. :( I feel I could have done better on the pics (white balance, ugh!), but then I’m always so lazy. XD;;;

  • Kerry says:

    Thanks for the detailed review! I love Lunasol’s concealor and lipsticks, but I’ve been pondering over their eyeshadows forever. They seem soo popular, but when I test them out they’re always overwhelmingly shimmery. I end up with a Coffret D’or or RMK everytime, lol.

    You did a great job with the pics!

    • littlewing says:

      I’m just the opposite, I’ve never tried Lunasol’s concealers or lipsticks (I know I’m missing out!). But I like RMK too. ;D Lunasol has some less shimmery palettes (or at least ones with only one very shimmery pan, which I usually ignore), like the Layer Bloom series, and the not so popular red-themed series from Autumn 2008 which name currently eludes me. D: And apart from that one shimmery pan, I think the Lighting for Eyes series is relatively toned down as far as Lunasol goes too. :) (But confidentially, I like RMK more, hehe. XD)

      And thank you! :) (And sorry for the lateness and general TL;DR-ness.)

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