PAUL&JOE Refreshing Skin Toner

18 July, 2010 § Leave a comment

PAUL&JOE Refreshing Skin Toner 200ml

I’ll be finished with this within a day or two — I use this for daily cotton pad masks so it goes very fast — so it’s time to write something about it. Although to be honest I haven’t used it for very long, probably only one or two months, and I never really have much to say about toners and lotions.

I’m not completely sure why, but I’ve somehow managed to acquire more PAUL&JOE skin care products than makeup ones. (This is partly because of the multitude of tempting makeup brands available, and in no part the fault of PAUL&JOE itself.) While I’ve been disappointed by a few of them, the Refreshing Skin Toner is, in my opinion, a decent, bordering on average, product. Still, I suppose there’s a justifiable reason why the makeup products receive more attention.

If nothing else, the Refreshing Skin Toner is a pretty product. The bottle is opaque white plastic (glass would be nice, but plastic is more practical) but the ornamental cap and unique bottle shape add a touch of old fashioned elegance to the bathroom counter or vanity. Unless, that is, you have a hodgepodge of bottles like I do, in which case it just adds to the eclectic look.

The toner itself has a watery consistency with some slip. I find it lighter than, for example, IPSA Preparing Clear Lotion EX2, probably due to the added alcohol in the Refreshing Skin Toner. I haven’t been able to smell the alcohol in it, so I suppose the alcohol content is relatively low. It is some way down the ingredient list, but I’ve thrown the box away so I can’t be sure. Instead, the Refreshing Skin Toner carries PAUL&JOE’s signature orange blossom fragrance. Except that it smells more like Fanta to me, than orange blossom.

I was initially wary about the presence of alcohol and astringent lemon (extracts?), but the toner is quite mild and hasn’t irritated my skin. It hasn’t helped my facial redness, but neither has it significantly acerbated it.

The Refreshing Skin Toner absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue, and true to its name it does feel refreshing. However I can’t comment on the other benefits listed on the official website. It does help with hydration, but I would generally prefer a more hydrating lotion (or toner, whichever term you prefer to use). I also don’t think it is very effective at removing dead skin cells. I’m usually unable to use products with active chemical exfoliators, but I haven’t had any problems with this toner.

I think the Refreshing Skin Toner would be ideal for summer and warmer weather in general. However, it does have the potential to feel sticky on oilier skin types, especially in high humidity weather. Personally I feel there are more hydrating toners available, and I wouldn’t repurchase this.



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