NEAL’S YARD White Tea Enriching Facial Mask

25 April, 2010 § 2 Comments

NEAL’S YARD White Tea Enriching Facial Mask 50g

This (and an eye cream) was my first purchase from NEAL’S YARD, a UK-based natural (organic?) skin and body care brand. Although I wrote about the Power Berry Daily Moisture earlier, I only got it after getting this mask.

The White Tea Enriching Facial Mask is something of a surprise, in the sense that I was expecting a completely different product from what it actually is. ( ゚д゚)ンマッ!! According to the product labelling, it “Deeply nurtures DRY AND SENSITIVE SKIN”, and “Restores vital moisture levels to plump the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines”. In actuality, it’s… a clay mask. (´Д`ι)アセアセ

I was a little disappointed it wasn’t the soothing mask I was hoping for, but I didn’t have any clay masks so I didn’t stay disappointed for long. I do, however, totally disregard all the fancy words on the packaging, haha. (*`▽´*) ウケケケッ

My jar seemed to have, rather unfortunately, leaked a little in transit. 。゜(つω`)゜。 The leaky bit ended up all hard and crusty, but otherwise it arrived okay.

First of all, as a clay mask, I doubt this would be suitable for dry skin. I do find this clay mask less drying than some others out there, but I wouldn’t call it “deeply nurturing” or “nourishing”. On the other hand, my sensitive (but not dry) skin has been happy using this. However, it does contain some alcohol, which might be something to note. The product doesn’t smell of alcohol, but it is listed as the fifth item on the ingredient list.

Texture-wise, it’s neither too thick nor too runny. It’s easy to spread, but somehow slightly sticky. The stickiness makes it a little harder to wash off than most of the clay masks I’ve tried previously, but I usually wash it off under the shower so it’s not really a problem.

The mask dries down after a while, but after washing it off my face feels softer and smoother, and well… more “nurtured”, haha. ((*´∀`))ウキャキャ For problem skin like mine it doesn’t clean out my pores completely (I have yet to meet a clay mask that does) but there’s some improvement so I’m happy. ♥(。→v←。)♥

There is a refreshing, botanical type smell, which is rather strong. The fragrance doesn’t bother me, but I am rarely bothered by the smell of natural skin care products… unless they smell of stinky fish! (笑´∀`)ヶラヶラ



§ 2 Responses to NEAL’S YARD White Tea Enriching Facial Mask

  • Blair says:

    Ning, I have been wondering, what on earth is that furry thing?

    I love white tea, smearing it on my face sounds like fun hahaha~

    Asos is a UK based company right? You mentioned something about Mother’s Day code when we were chatting yesterday, and I just remembered that they celebrate Mother’s Day in March.

    • littlewing says:

      The furry thing is the decorative collar part from a coat. It’s kind of strange right? X3

      I’ve never tried white tea actually! :P It’s supposed to be full of anti-oxidants? (I forgot to mention that up there. :X) I usually drink green tea. :D

      Ooh k, thanks for letting me know. :D I guess I missed the code, haha. Until the next one then! T___T

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