AYURA f-Sign Defense Skin Care Pact (210)

2 April, 2010 § 4 Comments

AYURA f-sign defense skin care pact 12g 3,360円 (税込)
6 shades

The f-Sign Defense lineup, which includes both skin care and base makeup items, was formulated for sensitive and troubled skin and in general does not contain fragrances, chemical sunscreen ingredients, alcohol, mineral oil, and parabens. The base makeup items include the Skin Care Liquid (liquid foundation), this Skin Care Pact (powder foundation) and the Skin Care Lucent (pressed powder).

The Skin Care Pact claims to have skin care properties to protect dry, rough and troubled skin, and it supposedly forms a barrier over the skin against UV rays, dehydration and external irritants.

210, Soft Ochre, seems to be the standard shade. The website indicates it is a neutral toned shade, and the second lightest (200 is a shade lighter). When compared to the same shade (210) in the Skin Care Liquid, the Skin Care Pact is darker. 210 for me is on the dark side, but unfortunately I hadn’t yet realised that Japanese powder foundations often run darker than their liquid/cream counterparts when I ordered this. (ノω=;)。。。 Also, I find this quite yellow-toned for a foundation that’s supposed to be neutral. It’s not too big a problem because, as I’ll mention below, the foundation is sheer. (´∀`;A

(Sorry, my puff is looking a bit dirty now… (´ノω・。))

The refill includes a puff as well. The case, which is pale pink and very cute, is available separately for 1,365円, and also fits the Skin Care Lucent (although I think it would fit all the other AYURA powders (笑´∀`)ヶラヶラ). The included puff is different from the usual latex (or non-latex?) sponges used with powder foundations. It’s furry, and picks up more powder. I’ve used a regular sponge with this foundation, because it seemed a pity to sully the whiteness of the included puff, but regular sponges don’t pick up much powder. I think the powder foundation works best using the included puff.

The powder is on the dry side, and I think it would be more suited to warmer weather and/or skin that isn’t dry. (As a comparison, SONIA RYKIEL Poudre Hydra Lisse is what I would consider a moist powder.) The powder seems to be firmly pressed and it’s not easy to pick up much powder even with the included puff. Which is why there’s barely any dip in the pan although I’ve been using this regularly for a number of months. ((*´∀`))ウキャキャ

The powder feels smooth and blends easily, but it’s not what I would consider finely milled. I wouldn’t say the powder is coarse, but it’s not as finely milled as some other powder foundation offerings out there. I think there is some difference when applied, but it’s really very little and I’m quite happy with the Skin Care Pact. .゚+.(´∀`*).+゚.

Swatched on my arm. I applied two layers as one layer was too sheer and I couldn’t really see much. Even with two layers it’s still on the sheer side but I think it’s obvious that it’s a little darker and more yellow than the rest of my arm.

The Skin Care Pact has a little more coverage than the Skin Care Liquid, but it’s still on the sheer side. It feels light and looks natural (with one layer — I have not tried layering it apart from in the swatch above), but it might not work as well on dry skin as the powder has a dry texture. It won’t completely cover blemish marks, scars or redness. It does cover pores a bit, but I’ve had better results from other powder foundations.

Despite the claims on the website, I don’t think it gives a translucent or luminous look. Instead I think it has a natural, matte finish. It’s a powder foundation so, really, I wasn’t expecting a luminous or translucent finish.

I can’t really comment on the skin care properties because I don’t really notice any. I don’t think it’s moisturising (but powders generally aren’t) but at the same time I doubt it has any oil controlling properties.

I think it wears reasonably well. It doesn’t oxidise on me, but I rarely have foundations oxidising on me so I’m probably not a good indication. It doesn’t disappear from the oily areas of my face, but by the end of the day those areas sometimes look a little uneven and cakey.

Overall, it’s a normal foundation. It’s okay, and maybe even good, but there aren’t really any reasons to recommend it. I suppose I can say a refill will last a long time… ( ´∀`)ケラケラ



§ 4 Responses to AYURA f-Sign Defense Skin Care Pact (210)

  • Blair says:

    Oooh, I love the case! It’s pretty and elegant and soothing (?) LOL

    A furry puff sounds niceeee :) I hate it when my foundation turns uneven and cakey at the end of the day too =.=

    • littlewing says:

      The case is cute right? :DDD My skin gets oily so it’s hard finding a foundation that doesn’t go uneven and cakey by the end of the day, ugh. = =a

      • Blair says:

        Ahaha, you getting tempted by Canmake + ettusais? Unbelievable!!!! ;D

        Told you it’s pink grapefruit and not ORANGE LOL

        • littlewing says:

          Hey! I get tempted by lots of things, haha ← indiscriminate :D
          But… I’m also quite good(?) at withstanding temptation :P

          (And um… sorry for the suuuper slow reply. *needs to give blog more ♥* X3;;; )

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