CLE DE PEAU Correcteur Visage (Ivory)

30 March, 2010 § Leave a comment

CLE DE PEAU Correcteur Visage 5g
3 shades

This is the old (and famous) version of CLE DE PEAU’s concealer, and the version available outside Japan. It has since been reformulated and the packaging is different now. I haven’t tried the new version, and I don’t think I will. I’m also not sure what the difference is between the CLE DE PEAU base makeup line sold in Japan and the one sold elsewhere, but the products have different names.

I bought this when I was curious about CLE DE PEAU, but it’s probably my least favourite item out of the ones I’ve tried. (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。 ) I use only undereye concealer regularly (the rest of my face needs concealer too, but I’m lazy (´-ω-`;)ゞポリポリ), and this was a little disappointing in that regard.

The matte blue-ridged packaging with gold accents looks elegant, but maybe a little old-fashioned. I don’t mind the design, and it does feel solid, which is nice. (´∀`●)

The shade choice was very limited. I believe there are (slightly?) more shades to choose from with the new version, but for this one there were only three. I was actually in between Ivory (this one) and the next shade (which I can’t remember the name of), but I went with Ivory.

The picture above shows the concealer swatched on the back of my hand, which is probably the darkest part of me since my poor hands never get any sun protection. …(((;´ω`)ススス The picture below has the concealer swatched on my inner wrist. My face is probably somewhere between these in terms of skintone, but with a lot of redness.

Correcteur Visage is a creamy stick concealer. It goes on easily and very smoothly, and is easy to blend. In my experience it offers good coverage (but not full coverage). I find it a little on the heavy side and despite the lovely creamy consistency, not moisturising. But at the same time it doesn’t emphasise flakes (when skin is surface dehydrated).

It tends to end up cakey on me, and I have had no success using it as an undereye concealer. Instead of concealing my undereye circles, it accentuated all the bad things around my eye area I usually pretend don’t exist. (TωT)ウルウル The one (and only?) redeeming point to it as an undereye concealer for me is that it didn’t budge or fade.

I currently use this on my inner cheeks around my nose where I have a lot of redness. I don’t count it as a necessary step to my base makeup routine, but rather a way to use this up. (*´∀`)クスクス It’s quite good used this way. Cakiness is minimal, and it stays put the whole day with no fading. It doesn’t settle into the visible pores around my nose either, so I think (maybe) it’s actually a good product! ((*´∀`))ウキャキャ

Unfortunately for me, you only need a little bit each time so I have not made much progress through the stick and it will last a long, long time.

I can’t really smell anything from this, but I can’t say whether it’s scented since I’ve experienced the fragrance fading off with my other CLE DE PEAU products (e.g. the eyeshadows).



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