[ (Quick) COMPARISON ] SUQQU Blend Cheeks (03 しゃなり桃) & Noble Nuance Cheeks (EX-01 桃添)

24 March, 2010 § 8 Comments

I haven’t tried either of these yet, so a proper in-depth comparison (and swatches) will have to wait till some other time. (●´ω`●)ゞエヘヘ

Right: SUQQU Blend Cheeks (03 しゃなり桃) 4.5g 6,825円 (税込)
Left: SUQQU Noble Nuance Cheeks (EX-01 桃添) 4.6g 6,825円 (税込)

EX-01 Momozoe is limited edition and part of this year’s Spring collection. I’m not sure if it’s still available. 03 Shanarimomo is part of the permanent lineup. They’re both peachy pink shades with accompanying pale peachy layering shades, and as is obvious from the photo, look very, very similar in the pan. ウ・・ ウン(-ω-`;。)

The most visible difference between them is the shimmer in the blush side of Shanarimomo, while Momozoe looks matte in the pan. The shimmer isn’t as chunky as, for example, NARS Super Orgasm, but it’s definitely visible in the pan. The lighter shades in both cheek palettes are non-shimmery.

Shanarimomo looked a tinge peachier to me, whereas Momozoe seemed slightly more muted. But the camera isn’t picking up on the difference so it has to be very subtle! ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ

Also, the lighter shade in Shanarimomo is darker and has more peachy undertones than the corresponding pan in Momozoe.

I do think they resemble each other enough it’s not necessary to have both, but maybe I’ll be surprised when I actually use them. The concepts behind the Blend series and Noble nuance series differ so I’m hoping that will translate into the end effect. (I wish.)



§ 8 Responses to [ (Quick) COMPARISON ] SUQQU Blend Cheeks (03 しゃなり桃) & Noble Nuance Cheeks (EX-01 桃添)

  • Blair says:

    Gorgeous! But they look the same in the pic, sowwie!!

    Ooooh, you get your Lunasol palettes from the counter in SG! I thought that you got em from the ones in JP. You’re currently located in JP right?

    Btw, mind telling me the site where you swap for Lunasol quads/quints/stuff?

    I see… Actually, I don’t have any of the newer quads ;D My ‘newest’ one is from Sheer Contrast Eyes haha! I did read Shockisgood’s post on Nature Colourful. The brown overpowered the other shades, yes?

    • littlewing says:

      No need to be sorry, they look almost the same even in real life! ^ ^;;;;; Major FAIL on my part, LOL.

      I’m very far from JP actually, in a land with no Lunasol. :P I’m in Australia actually. :)

      * deleted *

      Oh, I like Sheer Contrast Eyes! :D I use Coral Coral a lot at the moment. Which one(s) do you have? :) I think I didn’t read as far as the bit about the brown, but she mentioned Nature Colourful was more of a 『姐姐系』 palette, and I usually avoid those. :P

      • Blair says:

        Eeep! I thought that you’re located in JP, with your SUQQU hauls and everything. So sorry, but I’m glad I asked :)

        * deleted *

        I have Blue Coral. Coral Coral is a nice palette! I’d totally get that if I decide to revisit Sheer Contrast Eyes :) Since my quads & quint are old school, I wanna update my collection with one of the LE summer quads =D I heard that the texture’s much better compared to the older releases.

        • littlewing says:

          Haha! I’m just a crazy Suqqu fan. :D The prices of cosmetics here are so high it’s actually not really more expensive. But I am going to think carefully about future Suqqu purchases, especially if they release more neutrals… DX

          * deleted *

          LOL yes, that’s a great reason to go for the LE summer quads! :D I agree the texture has gotten better too, but it should because they need to stay ahead of Coffret D’Or. ;P Speaking of which, I looove the look of the new Coffret D’Or palettes. :D

          • Blair says:

            Ahhh, did you get Jewelcious Eyes? I’m very tempted by them ever since I watched Kevin using it on the girls in 女人我最大.

            LOL a crazy SUQQU fan! Which is your favourite product from them?

            * deleted *

            • littlewing says:

              Nooooo, I didn’t, but I agree they’re very tempting! :D The palettes from the first Coffret D’Or series don’t last well on me so I’ve been wary since. But from Jewelicious (sp?) Eyes I really like the green and the pink variations. :D♥

              Haha, I think my crazy fan-ness comes from not having tried enough products so there’s still a long list of products I want to try. :P Once I get my fix I think the love will die down. ;) But so far I like the eyeshadow palettes – the combinations are very wearable and they last very well on me and my oily lids.

              * deleted *

  • Jess says:

    Thanks for the pictures! I have Shanarimomo. You just reminded me, I’m neglecting it, hehe… ;)

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