LA PRAIRIE Cellular Eye Makeup Remover

14 March, 2010 § Leave a comment

LA PRAIRIE Cellular Eye Makeup Remover 125ml

This is my favourite eye makeup remover… until I find a better one. (*`▽´*) ウケケケッ (I would love to try the SISLEY one, but that’s another story…) I have sensitive eyes so it’s hard to find one that doesn’t irritate my eye area, and when I do find one gentle enough for me I’m reluctant to try something else.

This eye makeup remover is expensive, but I usually get it from airport duty free shops so it’s at least a little cheaper than the retail price in the department store.

It comes in a heavy glass bottle. The standard LA PRAIRIE packaging isn’t very pretty but at least the glass bottle feels a little luxurious. ((*´∀`))ウキャキャ

Like the other LA PRAIRIE Cellular products in the line, it contains LA PRAIRIE’s patented cellular complex, which seems to me to be a mix of various extracts e.g. ginseng etc, and has a typical LA PRAIRIE fragrance. I like the fragrance, and it’s not cloying or overly intrusive.

This is a bi-phase makeup remover and you have to shake the bottle before use to mix the two layers together. I’ve tried to show the two layers in the photo below, but they’re the same colour so it might not be so obvious.

This eye makeup remover works for me because it doesn’t irritate my eye area. The formula is gentle enough it doesn’t cause my eyes to sting or tear, and unlike some other eye makeup removers I’ve tried, it doesn’t make my eyelashes drop.

But to be honest, I don’t think I would recommend it to anyone. (A;´・ω・)アセアセ It’s actually quite weak at removing makeup. Eyeshadow and liner isn’t a problem, but it struggles with mascara, especially the waterproof type. I really think almost any other eye makeup remover is more efficient! ヾ(;´▽`A“アセアセ I usually have to leave the soaked cotton pad on my eyelids for a minute or so before wiping down to remove my mascara.

The LA PRAIRIE Cellular Eye Makeup Remover is also very emollient, and leaves a greasy residue. I don’t mind this because my eye area is dry and I always wash my face with my regular cleanser after removing my makeup, but I’m aware some (many?) people don’t like this.

I’m uncertain whether I will continue purchasing this after my current bottle has run out. I also have a CHANTECAILLE eye makeup remover, which I will write about when I have used it more, but I’m interested in trying out Jojoba oil… (*゚▽゚*)ワクワク



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