LA PRAIRIE Cellular Eye Contour Cream

14 March, 2010 § 16 Comments

LA PRAIRIE Cellular Eye Contour Cream 15ml

I’ve almost finished this (mine is a mini 5ml tub commonly found in GWPs) so while I’m waiting for my new eye cream to arrive in the mail, here’s a little review. (・∀・)ニヤニヤ

This is actually only the second eye cream I’ve used. (The first was a LANCOME gel that stung my skin whenever I used it and put me off LANCOME skin care. イヤo((>ω<o))((o>ω<))oイヤ) I didn’t have the habit of using a separate moisturiser for the eye area in the past, but lately my eye area has been dry and I’m thankful for this little tub! モフモフ(´ω`*)

I’m not very concerned with dark circles or puffiness so what I look for in eye creams is moisture or hydration.

The Cellular Eye Contour Cream is the most basic of LA PRAIRIE’s eye creams, which is probably why it’s often included in GWPs. It’s a hydrating eye cream, and that’s it.

It has a rich, emollient almost balm like texture. It can be greasy, but I only use this at night before bed so greasiness is okay. If I use a generous amount (which I usually do), it does sort of feel like it’s just sitting on top of my skin without being absorbed.

I do feel that it’s nicely moisturising, and it doesn’t irritate my skin, but that’s about it. I don’t think it does anything else apart from moisturise (and at least it doesn’t really claim to either). It hasn’t given me millia, but I use my face creams around my eye with (mostly) no problem so it’s quite subjective.

The cream is lightly scented, but I find the LA PRAIRIE fragrance pleasant.

I don’t plan on purchasing a full sized version because I want to try other more affordable eye cream options. I’ve only used two eye creams after all, and my needs are quite simple. I’m also not a huge fan of LA PRAIRIE as I feel they are always discontinuing their old, good products to release increasingly expensive new ones. I have no interest in $500 creams! (−"−怒) [/rant]



§ 16 Responses to LA PRAIRIE Cellular Eye Contour Cream

  • the_great_wuzitian_is_moi says:

    i wanted to buy this at duty free. but perth airport doesn’t have it… pls let me be anywhere but perth!

  • Blair says:

    $500 for an eye cream?! Count me out haha XD

    I agree with you! est is so gorgeous, but the price is definitely a turn off!

    Btw, have you seen visuals of the Lunasol LE summer quads? Are you getting anything? I can’t decide which to get, help hahaha!

    • littlewing says:

      Lol I haven’t seen a $500 eye cream yet! Shhh… XD

      Yup, I saw the Lunasol LE summer quads, but to be honest I didn’t find them very interesting and won’t be getting any of them. The LE blue looks similar to Skin Modelling Eyes EX-02 Beige Cool, which I already have (and ♥ for summer), and I just can’t pull off bronzes. But if you don’t already have Beige Cool, I think the blue one would be gorgeous! :D♥

      • Blair says:

        Nope, I don’t have either Beige Cool or Beige Bronze…

        Both of them look pretty similar to their LE Skin Modeling Eyes counterparts, which made me very happy because I wanted something from that collection :)

        Thank you for your suggestion, I might get the blue one! :D Which do you think will be the more popular choice?

        • littlewing says:

          I’m looking at the pictures for both quads (again) now, and the bronze looks gorgeous too. … I’m no help, sorry! ^ ^;;; I think both are perfect colours for summer, it depends on what colours/look you prefer and whether you already have similar colours in other palettes. :)

          I have no idea which one would be more popular, maybe the blue since it’s the promo picture? But then again beiges are really popular in Japan! :D; I wasn’t into Lunasol back in 2007 so I can’t extrapolate from back then, and I actually got my Beige Cool from a swap. :P

          • Blair says:

            I see… I was reading through your archive, and girly, you have a LOT of Lunasol palettes! :D Did you get most of them from the counters?

            I know, I’m getting mighty taken in by the coral quad as well! It’s hard to decide, the blue quad looks gorgeous on the model, whereas the coral one looks very wearable :)

            • littlewing says:

              Hehe, I’m sure there are ladies with many more Lunasol palettes than I have. :D I got mine from either the counters or swapping Lunasol for Lunasol. I’m still after the Neutral Lighting palette though!

              Do you mean the bronze quad? Or is it actually a coral quad? (It’s so hard to tell from those official swatches sometimes…) Maybe you can get both! ;D Actually I was thinking that the coral?beige?bronze? quad looks quite similar to Beige Beige (as far as I can tell), and really the blue quad would be quite wearable too! :D But then again, I’m biased. And I do think they would end up being sheerer than it looks on the model. :P But hopefully we will get more pictures/swatches soon!

              Oh, what do you think about the Spring palettes? I haven’t gotten any of them yet, and I’m undecided whether to get them or spring for Est (… when I save up enough money). :D

              • Blair says:

                I see… buying retail is expensive, imo :( I’m after Neutral too! It’s a pity that the counters over here don’t stock the older lineup :(

                LOL the LE quad looks coral to me! Hopefully it won’t turn out to be more bronze-y IRL. I dislike warmer colours. Yesh, I want to scrutinize/drool over more pictures/swatches too!!! Yup, they’ll definitely turn out sheerer.. I wonder if the MUA have a heavy hand, they use other products to enhance or photoshop?

                The more I look at the spring quads, the more they call out to me. Nature Colorful and Beige look particularly nice :) Which ones are you eying?

                • littlewing says:

                  Neutral is like the ultimate must have Lunasol quad! :D I got most of my Lunasol from the counter in Singapore, which also doesn’t carry the older palettes so no Neutral there. :( I’ve been thinking about dupes, but cool-toned browns aren’t so popular with Japanese brands.

                  LOL my eyes are failing me. ^ ^; Coral is definitely preferable to bronze, so I hope it is a coral quad too. :D … It’s probably some combination of the three that goes into the making of the promotional images. XD It seems like they used more of the darker blue though…

                  I’m not really eyeing any of the spring quads, maybe the Blue or the Green, but nothing is really calling my name yet. Est is such a distraction, haha! :D; I still don’t have any of the Star Shower Eyes quads, so the Nature series will have to wait a while. ;P Nature Colourful looks really pretty, but have you seen the post on Shockisgood about it? It turned out to be not the look I go for.

  • Jess says:

    Thanks for the review!
    I got a sample sachet of this, but haven’t used yet. ;)

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