d PROGRAM Balance Care Set II

28 February, 2010 § Leave a comment

d PROGRAM Balance Care Set 2,100円 (税込)
2 types (I and II)

I picked this starter kit up from the duty free shop in Narita airport (for 2,000円). Unlike KANEBO which offers about 20% discount in duty free, the SHISEIDO brands are just the price without tax.

I don’t like carrying my full size skin care bottles and jars back and forth so I usually keep separate sets, and this time because it was only a few days I decided to just get something from the duty free shop along the way. It worked out well because I’ve been wanting to try d PROGRAM since before they reformulated.

d PROGRAM is a SHISEIDO brand targeted towards sensitive and unbalanced skin. It has both skincare and base makeup lines, and its products are formulated to be gentle on the skin. All their products are paraben and fragrance free. The brand has a similar concept to KANEBO freeplus. (*`▽´*)ウヒョヒョ

The Balance Care line, as the name suggests, is meant for unbalanced skin, and it’s supposed to work at restoring the skin’s balance and natural barrier function. So if you have oily and dry areas, obvious pores and occasional breakouts, this is the line for you. There’s also a Moist Care line for dry skin, an Acne Care line and an Ageing Care line, and they’re all colour-coded. 。゚+.(*`・∀・´*)゚+.゚イィ!

This set contains: Deep Cleansing Oil (20ml), Conditioning Wash (20g), Balance Care Lotion II (23ml), Balance Care Emulsion II (11ml).
II is the “moist” version, whereas I is the “fresh” version.

According to the packaging, all the four items in this set are free from fragrance, colouring, alcohol, mineral oil and parabens. The products are also manufactured according to a “clean” process (the d PROGRAM website has details on this, but I didn’t bother to read it (⊃∀`* )エヘヘ♪).

I’ve only used this set for a week so these are just my brief impressions.

The Deep Cleansing Oil and Conditioning Wash are standard for all the d PROGRAM lines.

I’m no longer a cleansing oil person, and I wouldn’t buy the full size, but I like this cleansing oil. .。.:*・゚(*ゝ∀・)。.:ィィ゚.+:。 The texture is neither too runny nor too thick, and it rinses off easily without needing to be emulsified. The first time I used it, however, I squeezed out too little (about the equivalent of one pump) and it wouldn’t wash off, so you need to use an adequate amount. It has a faint, but pleasant fragrance.

The Conditioning Wash seems like a standard foaming facial wash to me. It’s easy to foam up and very creamy, but I find it too stripping like most Japanese foam cleansers. I’m not sure if I would purchase this. ((-ω-。)(。-ω-))ウウン

Balance Care Lotion II is a watery lotion with some slip. It reminds me of IPSA Time Reset Lotion, but without the alcohol. Balance Care Emulsion II is a light, non-greasy milk. I didn’t think the combination of the two would be moisturising enough for me (even in hot, humid weather) because the texture is so light, but I was pleasantly surprised. My skin felt soft and smooth. ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚ I’m considering getting the full sizes later, but they do have some shortcomings. It took a long time for my skin to absorb and was rather sticky. I remember reading about d PROGRAM on En in Tokyo, who also mentioned the stickiness.

Both these bottles come with some sort of “virgin seal”(?) and have to be finished within ten days once opened.

I look forward to trying more items from d PROGRAM in future. ☆⌒v⌒v⌒ヾ((`・∀・´)ノ ヒャッホーィ♪



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