Autumn 2009: LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes (swatches)

29 November, 2009 § 2 Comments

LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes 5,250円 (税込)
5 variations

This is really only for my own benefit because I’m sure everyone has already seen swatches of LUNASOL‘s Star Shower Eyes and it’s all about the Christmas collections now, but… maybe someone somewhere will find this useful too? Maybe. ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ

Like previously, I only swatched the palettes I’m interested in. This time they’re 02 Medium Night, 03 Dazzling Night and 05 Close of Night. I still haven’t decided which one(s) I’m getting, if any, but they’re all permanent so I don’t feel any hurry! (*`▽´*)ウヒョヒョ

I’m really happy the formula of the creamy base shade, or Star Shower Base to use the term from the website, in these palettes is much better than the creamy shade in the older Scent Form Eyes series. I didn’t like the creamy shade in the Scent Form Eyes palettes so I was initially hesitant about the Star Shower Eyes.

My first impression from just swatching these palettes is they look much, much better in real life! *:.。☆..。.(´∀`人)

Secondly, eyeshadow texture for the powder shadows is smooth, velvety and not dry. It’s similar quality to Layer Bloom Eyes from Spring earlier this year, and also reminds me of a (texture-wise) improved Geminate Eyes.

Third (I feel like I should be saying “And three…” (゚∀゚ )≡ モヒョヒョヒョヒョ), the palettes were less shimmery than I expected (which is a good thing). I was in a hurry today and now I can’t really tell from the photos I took, so if I go and have another look I’ll write more here.

02 Medium Night is the one I’m partial to. To the extent the other two are mostly just accompaniments. 彡(´∀`;●)彡 ヒューヒュー I think it’s obvious, but in case it’s not, the creamy base is the third from the left. I like greens like the ones in this palette and I don’t think I have anything like this (that I can remember).

To be honest I swatched this because it was the palette used in the promotional image. This is a greyish-blue palette but I’m not too fond of blues. It also seems like the most(?) dramatic out of the five so I’m not sure I would be using this in the day.

I like this one, but… it might be too warm for me. The shades look a little too much on the orange side, which was the same reason I passed on Beige Beige from the Skin Modelling Eyes series. I’m still waiting for a Neutral Lighting for Eyes replacement! ・・・(=ェ=`;)シーン

I’m off to read about Oscar Wilde the Detective sleep now! ゚.+:。(〃ω〃)゚.+:。 キャァ♪



§ 2 Responses to Autumn 2009: LUNASOL Star Shower Eyes (swatches)

  • sizbelle says:

    i just bought the #5 from blogsale, waiting for it to reach me! whats ur skin shade, maybe i try to test it on myself and let you know…

    as i tend to always purchase the safe color that can never goes wrong with any outfit so bronze, gold and silver are my best buys.. ur swatch on #5 is rather shimmer and towards orangey like u mention hope its wearable for me…

    • littlewing says:

      Ooh, I hope you enjoy #5! ♥ And I look forward to seeing your review, hehe. ;D It really does look very pretty and I love neutral colours too! :D

      But unfortunately I seem to have turned it orange here. I didn’t realise it until you mentioned it, but I had another look at other swatches on the net and I realise mine are somehow more orange. I’m not sure why! ^ ^; (I’m about NC20 maybe, and not very yellow undertoned…)

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