KOSE Seikishō Whitening Mask

22 November, 2009 § 2 Comments

KOSE Medicated Seikishō Whitening Mask 80g 2,415円 (税込)

The Seikishō Whitening Mask is a peel-off mask for removing excess sebum and impurities. Kind of strangely despite its name it’s actually black, which makes it quite funny when you use it. ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ Like the rest of the Seikishō, and Sekkisei, line this mask is formulated with traditional herbal extracts.

I find peel off masks more effective than wash off clay masks at clearing pores, but the Seikishō Whitening Mask is the only peel off mask I know of so I suppose I’ll be repurchasing this until I find another one to try. (。´・ω・)ん?

I didn’t squeeze any of it out for a photo because washing it off usually needs warm water and some rubbing, but it’s a thick sticky black liquid.

I use this mask about once a week after scrubbing my face. It does a decent job of pulling out most of my whiteheads (and little facial hairs), although there are always some left (for next time I suppose! (´・ω・`;A) アセアセ) and it doesn’t work on the stubborn blackheads on my nose. I like how my face feels smoother after using this. I’ve also noticed that my foundation applies better the next day, probably because pulling the dried mask off removes dead surface skin cells as well and I’ve become less lazy with scrubbing after I got this mask.

It’s also grossly satisfying to see all the gunk on the peeled off mask! (●´ω`●)ゞエヘヘ

It does take a while for the mask to dry completely so you can peel it off. I find it more effective to use a relatively thick layer, which takes even longer to dry.

Peeling the mask off can be a little painful, and when my skin was very sensitive applying the mask left a burning sensation so I don’t think it’s suitable for sensitive skin. It also leaves little bits of dried mask behind after peeling it off. They usually wash off in the shower but otherwise it can be a little annoying. (;´Д`A ```

This mask is also a little drying so I think it would be good to use a hydrating mask after it.

I don’t think a tube of this would last long with regular usage as you have to apply it quite generously in order to be able to pull it off later.

I almost forgot to write, but I don’t see any whitening effect with this mask! (This seems to be the general consensus from what I’ve heard and read.) I didn’t buy this mask for whitening so I don’t care, but I suppose it’s something to note?



§ 2 Responses to KOSE Seikishō Whitening Mask

  • sizbelle says:

    hey gal, i LOVE this mask too. get rid of my facial fine hair make me feel that my face is really smooth after the application!

    its more of removing facial hair, some white heads but guess dun really work for blackheads…

    • littlewing says:

      Haha, yup, it’s really good at removing facial hair I think! XD; I think blackheads need something stronger (or at least mine do…)

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