CLE DE PEAU Ombres Couleurs (13)

25 October, 2009 § Leave a comment

CLE DE PEAU Ombres Couleurs 3g 6,300円 (税込)

I’m not sure which year or collection this is from because CPB eyeshadow quads, in my experience, have all been permanent releases. It should be from a few years ago though, because the eye quads released with this year’s Spring collection were #20 and #21.

I regret getting this quad over the monotone #14, which I really liked. ・゚・(ノ∀`;)・゚・ It was very hard deciding between the two of them, but in the end I chose this one because I thought I’d use a brown palette more often than a grey/black one. The truth is, I don’t use this palette very often either… 彡(´∀`;●)彡 ヒューヒュー


With slow synchro flash:

I think this is quite an ordinary warm brown palette. ヾ(´Д`;●) ォィォィ It’s very similar (but better quality and more pigmented and without the chunky glitter) to JILL STUART Illuminance Eyes (03 Brocade Gold) if you ignore the rightmost bronze shade. (I hardly ever use that colour because it’s too orangey and I don’t know what to do with it. (´・ω・`;A) アセアセ) It isn’t as shimmery as JILL STUART Illuminance Eyes, but it has much more shimmer than most of the other CPB palettes, which tend to go for a more subtle look. There’s a lot of finely milled gold shimmer in this palette. *:.。☆..。.(´∀`人)

Looking at the swatches I’m also a little reminded of LUNASOL Geminate Eyes (01 Cat’s Eye), although they don’t look similar when applied.

This isn’t a unique palette, but the addition of the rightmost bronze colour can turn this into a summery palette so I suppose there’s some versatility there… And it’s quite good for doing smokey eyes. +.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚イィ


CPB Eyeshadow Quads are one of my favourites when it comes to texture. 。゚+.(*`・∀・´*)゚+.゚イィ! They’re finely milled, silky, moist and soft, and very blendable. There’s very little flyaway powder or fallout. Although when some powder does drop onto my cheeks I find it quite hard to brush it away since it seems to stick there. They’re also one of the most pigmented Japanese eyeshadows. Unfortunately they never fail to crease on me by the end of the day, even with an eyeshadow primer. And any eyeshadow I apply on the lower lid always smudges quickly.

The palette is fragranced (it’s quite an old lady smell ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ) but I’ve had it for a while and the fragrance has faded.

I don’t use sponge tip applicators much, but the ones that come with this palette are good quality and very soft.



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