GA Shine Lipstick (#4) & Sheer Lipstick (#33)

1 October, 2009 § 6 Comments

GIORGIO ARMANI Shine Lipstick 4g/4.2ml $25
10 shades
GIORGIO ARMANI Sheer Lipstick 4g/4.2ml $25
13 shades

I haven’t tried the (more famous?) Armanisilk lipsticks yet — I’m holding off till an LE colour I love, but the Shine and Silk lipsticks are so nice I’m really looking forward to trying Armanisilk. ゚.+:。゙d(・ω・*)ネッ゚.+:

#33 was (maybe?) a limited edition shade from this year’s Spring collection. #4 is definitely a permanent colour. And actually these two colours look very, very similar in the tube! ∩(+`ω´+)∩・・・キュゥ I didn’t realise that when I was buying them though. But the difference in pigmentation means they don’t apply the same on me. ← self-consolation(?) ∩(´∀`)∩ウェー ハッハッハ♪


This one is Shine #4. It’s pockmarked from when I wiped it on a serviette. 囧囧囧

The Shine lipsticks are medium pigmentation and quite long lasting. This one applies quite red on me, and I thought it was too dark at first (as I’m more used to lighter lip colours), but it’s slowly growing on me. ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚


This one is Sheer #33. The two of them look so similar but because it’s a sheer formulation it doesn’t show up well on my pigmented lips. (ノω・、) ウゥ・・・ My lips look like I’m not wearing lipstick when I use this, but maybe slightly lighter than their normal colour.


A comparison picture. On the left is Sheer #33 and the right one is Shine #4. I would consider both of these to be MLBB shades.

I really like how moisturising these lipsticks are! 。゚+.(*`・∀・´*)゚+.゚イィ! They apply smoothly and don’t dry my lips out (but I always use lip balm underneath as my lips are very prone to dryness).

The Sheer lipstick isn’t as long lasting as the Shine formula as it tends to disappear by itself after a while. (´・ω・`;A) アセアセ The Shine lipstick usually lasts until I eat something.

These are both tasteless (or I wouldn’t have bought them (ノω`*)んふふ♪).


And because words don’t really mean much,
wearing Shine Lipstick #4, and
wearing Sheer Lipstick #33. Just lips alone looked too weird (I’m probably cropping it all wrong 囧) so I included full face instead. BLAH.



§ 6 Responses to GA Shine Lipstick (#4) & Sheer Lipstick (#33)

  • Mika says:

    I love sheer lipsticks! Thank you for the review :)
    Btw you protected your FOTD posts.. is there any way to access them? I’d like to see your FOTDs, I glimpsed at one of them but then you decided to put them in protected mode with password required. I love your blog!!

    • littlewing says:

      Hi Mika :)

      I use sheer lipsticks more too, but I’m beginning to like more pigmented ones as well. :P My lips are naturally very pigmented so sheer, light colours are usually wasted on me even though they’re so pretty. ^ ^;

      Sorry about the FOTDs. I’ve removed the password and edited them a little so they should be viewable now. Ack. *is shy and runs away* :[

  • I think I like Number 33 on you better, it’s more pink toned :)

  • the_great_wuzitian_is_moi says:

    i can’t believe it’s pockmarked!!! and by napkin! sooooo JIONG! =___= XP

    • littlewing says:

      I know right? 囧囧囧 I’m never wiping my lipsticks on paper serviettes again! ORZ (But I only have those XL tissues so it seems like such a waste to use one sheet on a little lipstick 囧)

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