BABYPINK T-zone Cover

8 September, 2009 § 8 Comments

BABYPINK T-zone Cover

Nope, I haven’t finished my SUQQU Pore Covering Base. (つω`*)テヘ I got a little sick of it and then remembered I bought this a while ago, so I took it out to use. I like BABYPINK! *:.。☆..。.(´∀`人) It’s cute. And small, which adds to the cuteness factor. And cheap. +.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚イィ

This is yet another of those solid, waxy silicone laden things that are supposed to fill your pores in.


It’s quite a small tube (and quite plain… I’m a little disappointed with the boring white plastic! 。・゚・(ノε`)・゚・。). I’ve only used it a few times really, but it looks like I’ve used quite a bit of the product already, so I don’t think a tube is going to last very long. (;´Д`A ``` It came in a clear plastic box with all the information printed on it, but I’ve thrown that away.


I have HUGE HUGE pores, so this doesn’t really cover them. σ(´ x `;*)ンート・・・ (None of the others I’ve tried do.) It does improve their appearance somewhat, but they don’t disappear. The effect gets less obvious as I get oily though.

I’m not sure if this one claims to control oil (packaging was thrown away), but I didn’t notice anything different there. My nose still got oily as usual, at the usual rate.

One thing I noticed was that if I applied it after my makeup base (so just before foundation), it made my foundation a little harder to spread and blend than usual. Applying it before makeup base was fine though.

To be honest, this isn’t very different from the other pore covering products I’ve used. (There’s AYURA Oil Shut Works EX and SUQQU Pore Covering Base) I think I would like more product though… (*`▽´*)ウヒョヒョ




§ 8 Responses to BABYPINK T-zone Cover

  • the_great_wuzitian says:

    omg… this is soooooo cute XDDD
    n simplicity is beauty – so the white plastic package is cuteee haha

    • littlewing says:

      LOL! XD Actually the packaging looks a little “cheap” in real life… but it IS cheap so guess I can’t complain! ^^;

  • Alex says:


    soo desu~ So it’s not only me who find them too drying, you too haha.

    Yeap, this one is alot better than the other majority of the face wash. My mum like it too.

    And baby pink! I REMEMBER my very first lipgloss was from baby pink, but they kind of disappear from my place since few years ago…

    Gah, your pictures are so prettily taken, kawaiiii~


    • littlewing says:

      Hi again Alex! :P

      I bought this from one of those small Asian beauty shops, but they didn’t have much Babypink and kind of disappeared after that so I haven’t been able to try other stuff. XO I want to try their makeup base!

      Hm, I always have a problem with the white balance setting on the camera though. XS You can tell because the bunny is always a different colour! XD;;;

  • Alex says:

    haha oh I didn’t really noticed about the differences in your bunny’s color *.* now when you mention… I do see that!

    anyway I’m glad you didn’t buy the neutrogena’s eyemaker remover! On average I drop like 2-3 strands of eye lashes per day from using it!! I’m going to throw it away today.

    And if you’re really gonna to purchase some eye make up remover, I would strongly recommend L’oreal oil and water base eye/lips make up remover. Lots of people swear by it and I’ve been constantly using for like 5 bottles before trying out neu’s one this time ;)

    • littlewing says:

      I hope your eyelashes grow back quickly! :) And I think it deserves to be chucked too. :P

      I’ve never tried L’Oreal’s actually, although I’ve heard heaps of good reviews on it. Don’t ever get Ipsa’s though, it made my eyes sting and eyelashes drop. XO (Thankfully the bottle was tiny XD) I had similar (bad) luck with Dermalogica’s. DX

  • icekissme says:

    I am looking for that… I had been used that for few years, but it seem like sold out in H.K. I want to buy it again~~~

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