ESTEE LAUDER Deluxe Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette

4 September, 2009 § 8 Comments

ESTEE LAUDER Deluxe Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette

My mother gave this to me when I started using eyeshadow, so this is my very first palette! (I also “inherited” an EA duo but my mother took it back. It was a dreadfully dull pair of browns so I’m not missing it.)

Not the most exciting colours… I really only use the leftmost two.

… The quality and texture of these colours are actually better than most of those I buy (mostly Japanese brands). These eyeshadows last the whole day on my eyelids without creasing and fading, and I don’t get any fallout or flyaway powder during application. The colour payoff is also quite good.

There’s too much reflective gold in the packaging for me, however. I somehow always manage to get randomly blinded by bathroom lighting reflecting off the packaging.



§ 8 Responses to ESTEE LAUDER Deluxe Pure Colour Eyeshadow Palette

  • Alex says:

    oyasumi~ (my time zone)

    hi i found your blog through a link ^^

    haha i’ve got to say moms sure love estee lauder! my very first eyeshadow palette was also from EL~ and inherited from my mom too!

    i personally thinks EL is not that well recieved by the younger generations but honestly their products are definitely in rather good quality.

    I seriously recommended their foundation, or two way cake, you’ve got to try them! or just “borrow” it from you mom?


    • littlewing says:

      Hi Alex! :D

      Thank you for stopping by. :)

      I definitely agree that EL gives off this “your mother’s makeup/skincare” image. XD (Which seems to be quite justified maybe… if our experiences are any indication ;D) I definitely wouldn’t have tried their products if left to my own devices, but I’m glad I did and I’ll definitely check out their foundation the next time I go foundation shopping. :D (My mother isn’t into foundation at all D: ) Thank you for the recommendation! ^___^

  • Andrea says:

    I received this eyeshadow palette and the deluxe all over the face compact yesterday as a gift, but in the back of the all over face compact palette is labeled 24 months . Do you know what year was launched this Estee Lauder collection?or if you dont know, what year did you receive it from your mom? i dont want to use something old because i have very sensitive eyes. Thank you =)

  • Jenny says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere for this palette =(

    If you dont use it, would you mind selling it???

    my email is

    please email me to tell me if you can or not =)

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