LUNASOL Skin Modeling Eyes (EX02 Beige Cool)

23 August, 2009 § Leave a comment

LUNASOL Skin Modeling Eyes 6.2g 5,250円 (税込)
5 variations (2 discontinued)

The Skin Modeling Eyes palettes were first released for Spring 2007, with this palette being one of the limited Summer palettes in the same year. While two of the original variations have been discontinued, 01 Beige Beige remains one of the more popular LUNASOL palettes, and was included in LUNASOL‘s 10th anniversary set.

EX02 Beige Cool reminds me of the beach in summer and is possibly the least beige palette in the series. ((´∀`*))ヶラヶラ (I’m getting a little tired of the endless LUNASOL browns and beiges… (゚∀゚ )≡ モヒョヒョヒョヒョ)


The Skin Modeling Eyes palettes are somewhere between Sheer Contrast Eyes and Layer Bloom Eyes in terms of shimmer level. There’s less shimmer than Sheer Contrast Eyes, mainly because the highlighting shade isn’t as full of bling. (*`▽´*)ウヒョヒョ But Skin Modeling Eyes isn’t as understated as Layer Bloom Eyes. Personally I think it’s a good balance, and I really like shimmer. *:.。☆..。.(´∀`人)

Close ups:

The blues totally overpower the solitary sand beige shade so it’s really more of a blue palette than a beige one. +.゚(*´∀`)b゚+.゚イィ Which is a good thing because the light blue shade is very pretty and brightens up the eye. (And I like blues better than beiges (ノω`*)んふふ♪)

With flash:

This palette creates a fresh, cool look, which is perfect for summer. But I associate it so strongly with summer that its usage is rather limited otherwise. That’s just me though. (⊃∀`* )エヘヘ♪


The eyeshadows are noticeably soft, and easy to pick up. The highlighting shade is a little chalky but the other three shades have a nice velvety texture. I get some flyaway powder/fallout, but only very little so it’s not a bother.

Colour payoff is good, with the darkest blue shade being especially well pigmented (compared to the other three).

Wearability is generally good. It doesn’t fade, but I sometimes get creasing. I have very oily eyelids though, so I would say that wearability for normal people is good and they wouldn’t get creasing. ( ̄m ̄〃)ぷぷっ!

I really like this palette… ゚.+:。(〃ω〃)゚.+:。 キャァ♪




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