GA Designer Shaping Cream Foundation (#5)

17 August, 2009 § 2 Comments

GIORGIO ARMANI Designer Shaping Cream Foundation 30ml $65 (excl. tax)
8 shades

I’m scraping the bottom of this already. d(*・ω・*)b♪ (Although I very wastefully always scoop out more than I use… (´∀`;A)

Last winter I was looking for a moisturising foundation with good coverage (I was all red, flaky and sensitive from retin-a (;´Д`A “`) and settled upon GIORGIO ARMANI as it was one of the few brands I’m interested in with a counter near me. My other foundations were too dry and I needed a new one! (*´∀`)クスクス


While I’m not about to rush out and buy a new jar, I have enjoyed using it. (It’s just that I have zero brand loyalty and there are many other foundations calling my name… (* ̄∇ ̄)ノAHAHA)


It comes with a black plastic spatula. The wide, flat edge of the spatula makes it easy to scoop the foundation out. (´∀`)


Texture-wise, it’s a thick cream. I’m really slow with a camera but it didn’t move at all, not even when I tilted the jar. (Usually whatever I’m trying to photograph starts migrating downward. (。→∀←。)キャハ♡)

Although it’s thick, it isn’t hard to spread or blend out, and a little goes a long way (this seems to be generally true for cream foundations? (。´-ω・)ン?). I thought it easier to use than IPSA skin beauty foundation (N). I prefer a runnier texture though, so my daily routine includes a pump of fluid sheer #2 as well.

I don’t use the blender brush. I tried it once and it was time-consuming and streaky, so I went straight back to sponges. ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ

(My hand was very red… 囧)

The finish is mostly matte. I don’t really think it’s a luminous type foundation (but GA has terms like “luminously matte” ← what is this? 囧) It isn’t a flat matte though, but a natural looking finish. So probably matte but a little luminous is somewhat there. But I’m very attached to my fluid sheers so I can’t remember the last time I saw this foundation alone… (*´∀`*)ゞ

It’s quite moisturising and generally adheres well to skin. Unless your skin is very, very dry… or flaky. When my skin flakes this foundation usually makes it look worse. I think CPB teint naturel fluide does a much better job with flakies and desert dry skin (but of course it has much less coverage).

I use this mostly in the colder months of the year (autumn and winter). I have combination skin so this would be too heavy in summer and I would get oily very fast. The main focus of this foundation is hydration so there isn’t any oil control really.

One of the points of this foundation is the inclusion of silk fibers/particles for a smoothing and sculpting effect. I’m not sure about the sculpting, but I definitely see some smoothing going on. My skin has lots of unevenness (bumps and large pores and stuff 囧) and this foundation smoothes it out some. It’s not miraculous though and I was a little disappointed when I was trying it out at the counter as I was expecting something heart-stopping from reading lots of rave reviews. (´▽`*)アハハー

Coverage is good, but it’s not full coverage by far. It covers the worst of my facial redness but around my nose I use a concealer. Brown marks from old zits need a concealer as well. (I don’t have any freckles.) It should be buildable coverage but I don’t generally do so.

This generally wears well on me. It doesn’t oxidise or fade, and looks natural even after I get oily. It does rub off easily when I’m oily though. (I’m too lazy to touchup or I wouldn’t have this problem. 囧)

The shades for this foundation seem to be lighter than the corresponding shades in LSF (Luminous Silk Foundation). Designer Cream #5 was a good match for me, with #2 and #4 being too light (the BA tried each one from the lightest up… (*・∀-)☆), but I’d take a #4 in LSF.

#5 is a yellow-toned shade. I think GA foundations are generally very suitable for Asian skin tones because they have lots of yellow shades. うふ♪(* ̄ω ̄)v

By the way, although my counter last year had #2, it’s no longer listed on the US website so it might not be available any more.




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