SUQQU Pore Covering Base

28 July, 2009 § Leave a comment

SUQQU Pore Covering Base 9.5g 4,200円 (税込)

This was released as an LE product earlier in the year, although for some reason I seem to think it’s been released before. XS (or at least a similar product = =+)

After using this regularly for a while (there’s a growing dent in the jar :P), I’m rather “meh” about it. = =+ It’s better than the previous AYURA oil shut works EX I was using and it’s SUQQU (which is a plus point in itself XD) but I haven’t found pore covering products effective so far. = =|||

… It actually works out cheaper per gram than the AYURA product (and they’re all very similar to me)… which was how I justified my purchase XD


This “base” (I usually call it a pore covering… thingie ^ ^; ) comes in a solid glass tub, with a plastic lid in the trademark SUQQU colour. I like glass tubs, there’s just something reassuring in their weight. :D … until you accidentally drop them on the bathroom floor, but that’s another story. ;P A plastic spatula is also included — the distinctive mark of a high end brand XD I was using a cotton tip with the AYURA product, but this spatula is much easier to use. :D


Like most pore covering products, this is a thick, waxy solid that’s designed to “fill in” pores. This one is also a light peachy shade. It looks more white than peach when first applied on my skin but the colour disappears when rubbed in and it’s very easy to do this. It also contains A LOT of fine shimmer. Which unfortunately don’t disappear. I don’t think they’re obvious with foundation and powder on top though. I suppose the shimmer is supposed to deflect light away, but I really don’t think it works that way! XO At least my pores don’t look worse, so it’s not that bad really. ^ ^;


Maybe because SUQQU targets an older demographic, this pore covering base is much more moist (greasy?) than AYURA and ETTUSAIS, both of which I used before coming to SUQQU. Unlike the dry texture and finish of the other two, SUQQU pore covering base doesn’t give a matt finish and feels slightly sticky on my skin. I haven’t noticed much oil control either. ^ ^;



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