KISS Moist Angel Powder R (translucent)

27 July, 2009 § 2 Comments

KISS Moist Angel Powder R 6g 1,680円 (税込)
2 shades

KISS is a cute little drugstore brand under Passion NY (despite the name it’s a Japanese brand :P). They have a range of makeup products, but I only have two of their loose powders as the rest of the lineup doesn’t interest me much.

As the product name implies, this loose powder claims to provide a skin care effect when used and is supposed to be not drying on the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid, silk powder, amino acid derivatives and chamomile essence to achieve this. It also claims to give the effect of “angel skin”. XD

While I haven’t noticed “angel skin”, it’s a great quality for a drugstore product. I like it! XD (Although the price does work out not inexpensive when calculated per gram… :P)


I have the 01 translucent shade… and it’s a light beige-y colour. XD That I don’t think would show up as translucent on darker skin tones. It can look too light if I accidentally over apply. The other shade is 02 cover beige, which is supposed to give more coverage.


I’ve been quite happy using this so far. The powder is finely milled and very soft. The finished effect is natural looking and not powdery. It hasn’t been too drying for me and at the same time helps control oil around my nose a little. There’s also some (minimal) pore coverage. I haven’t noticed any “skin care” effect though (but I’m not sure what kind of effect this is supposed to be :P).

Probably because I’m clumsy and unskilled, but it’s hard to get the right amount onto the included puff, which is decent but nothing wonderful, because the holes in the plastic lid are quite big. XS I usually end up with a pattern of the holes. = =||| I’d be much happier if there were a netting/mesh instead. D:

This product has no fragrance.



§ 2 Responses to KISS Moist Angel Powder R (translucent)

  • ratzilla says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Japanese translucent loose powder but my jar of Laura Mercier Translucent Powder seems to last forever. I’m always a sucker for cute packaging. How would you rate this to others Japanese ones? The Kiss one seems to get decent reviews on

    • littlewing says:

      I’ve only used the Moist one so far (I think the Matt Chiffon might be a little too drying for me at the moment) and I would say it’s good quality given the price. I also have Mikimoto, Cle de Peau and Giorgio Armani (not Japanese I know :P) and I like all of them better than Kiss (not that Kiss isn’t good, but…). My skin is generally quite dehydrated so I found Kiss a little drying compared to these other three I have. But it also kept me matte slightly longer. :P I’ve never tried Laura Mercier, but it gets really good reviews too, so I’m not sure if you’d find Kiss better. :D;

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