SUQQU blend lipstick (16 瑞華)

1 May, 2009 § Leave a comment

SUQQU blend lipstick 2.5g 5,250円 (税込)
19 shades

SUQQU, the higher end sister to RMK, really appeals to me somehow.(♡´∀`♡) I love their packaging — it’s simple, but elegant and (dark) PURPLE! ♥♥♥ my favourite colour ☆(●´∀`●)ニコ — and the presentation of their seasonal releases always looks so pretty! ♥ And I really like the traditional Japanese names given to each shade. It’s definitely more interesting than something like PK22. (* ̄∇ ̄)ノAHAHA

This blend lipstick shade, 16 瑞華 (Mizuka), was one of five new shades for Spring 2009, 桜春影 (Sakurakage). The five new shades are all permanent releases.

The blend lipstick is a relatively sheer lipstick, packaged in a sleek (it’s thinner than most lipsticks and has less product too ( ̄∇ ̄;) ハッハッハッ) metal casing. It’s not obvious from the pictures, but the casing is actually a deep purple. SUQQU also has another lipstick, which is packaged in white that is supposedly more pigmented (but I haven’t tried it).


The word “SUQQU” is imprinted on the case.

I was expecting (or hoping for) something similar to CLE DE PEAU extra silky lipstick or IPSA skin beauty lipstick in terms of texture, but the blend lipstick is quite different. It’s a little firmer — more like a regular lipstick, and I’m not sure I like it as I’ve gotten quite spoilt by IPSA skin beauty lipstick, which is wonderfully soft and goes on like (soft! うふ♪(* ̄ω ̄)v) butter. While the blend lipstick is moisturising, I find it harder to apply than IPSA skin beauty lipstick (I haven’t tried the CPB extra silky lipstick…), especially when my lips are very dry… which is most of the time. (´ω`。)グスン This is a lipstick I always use with lip balm.


瑞華 is a light pink shade, with no shimmer. While I’m not really liking the lipstick texture, I adore the shade when applied lightly. ♥ My lips are pigmented so this lightens and adds a tint of pink to my lips. It’s sweet, innocent girly, especially when paired with dolly pink blush. ニャハハ (*^▽^*) I’m hopeless at describing colours, so here’s a closeup picture instead. (○´∀`○)ァハハ★w


I bought this online, but outside of Japan SUQQU also has counters in Bangkok and London.



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