ETTUSAIS Sweet Marble Gloss (BE4)

16 March, 2009 § 2 Comments

ETTUSAIS Sweet Marble Gloss 8g 1,575円 (税込)
3 shades

I’m not really into ETTUSAIS, but they have some cute makeup, regularly release LE items and generally aren’t too expensive, so I suppose I like them!

Sweet Marble Gloss and its cheek counterpart, Sweet Marble Cheek Colour (I picked up one of these as well), are limited edition items from the Spring/Summer 2009 collection, with 3 shades to choose from each.

My purchase was fuelled by the adorable pink, heart-shaped cushion that was the GWP when I visited the counter. I’m not normally enthusiastic about lip gloss, so I probably wouldn’t have picked this up otherwise.

That being said, it’s very cute. I love the swirled marble pattern, even if the swirls tend to get smudged together once you start using the lipgloss. It’s also a generous size for a reasonable price.

I’m not used to the plastic spatula (I usually use a lip brush), but I prefer it to the included doe’s feet or brushes of other brands. I feel it’s more hygienic as it can be cleaned easily.

I picked BE4, a coral beige with no shimmer that applies as a MLBB shade for me. ♥ It’s an unfussy shade that’s easy to coordinate and wear. The white swirl actually looks shimmery in the tube, but there is no visible shimmer in the lipgloss when it’s applied. Although I usually choose pink shades, I’m happy I decided on BE4.

The texture of the gloss is on the thick and sticky side, but not very pigmented. It applies quite sheerly. I’m not sure how well it wears as I typically end up eating before my lipgloss (or lipstick) has a chance to fade. I find it moisturising enough my lips don’t dry out, but I always use a lip balm underneath.

I like that, like many Japanese lip products, it isn’t scented.



§ 2 Responses to ETTUSAIS Sweet Marble Gloss (BE4)

  • thenewgirl says:

    Hi, i saw your reply on a touch of blusher, didn’t realize BGO carried eturia loose powder, it doesn’t look like they sell it now >< that’s too bad.

    • littlewing says:

      Hm, that’s sad to hear. :( I haven’t looked at BGO in quite a while. ^ ^; But hopefully they’ll restock later. :)

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