Spring 2009: LUNASOL layer bloom eyes (swatches)

19 February, 2009 § 1 Comment

LUNASOL layer bloom eyes 5,250円
5 variations

my local counter received the (not so new — it feels as though everyone else on the net has already gotten their hands on it 囧) spring collection, so i dropped by the department stores after the dentist. (☆゜д゜)ニヤリw i arrived at the LUNASOL counter just as boxes of new stuff were being dropped off. (*゚▽゚*)ワクワク

there weren’t any testers for the cute swirly lipglosses yet, but i don’t usually test lip products any way, although i would have liked to have seen them in person. i’m not planning on getting any lip products this time though as i’d like to finish my few existing stuff first (before they expire 囧).

i did, however, swatch the layer bloom eyes palettes i was interested in. o(●´ω`●)oわくわく♪ i tend to avoid pink or red eyeshadow so i skipped the other two. here’s a recap of the official swatches of all 5 variations:


they looked more appealing in real life (the official swatches don’t look very interesting to me (´w`*)). but i’m still not sure which of the three, if any, i’ll be getting. (?´・ω・`) i might go down again as my usual SA was busy, but i’m currently leaning towards giving this collection a skip. it’s pretty, but the light colours aren’t exactly to my taste. i’m still getting used to this season’s more muted look. and the lack of shimmer (except for the highlighting shade).

02 white gradation


i wasn’t interested in this one originally, but it was very raved about on taiwanese bbs/sites for giving a clean look.

03 purple gradation


i love purple so this was in consideration right from the start. (○´∀`○)ノ and it’s pretty. but i’m having mixed feelings about cool purples (and my yellow skin)…

05 orange gradation


i don’t like orange, but after reading some very positive reviews it’s been steadily growing on me. (笑´∀`)ヶラヶラ

the nail colours looked pretty boring to me. but i usually bypass polishes that don’t have at least some shimmer. ( ´∀`)ケラケラ



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