CLE DE PEAU Base Lissante (Fraiche)

15 February, 2009 § Leave a comment

CLE DE PEAU Base Lissante 40ml
SPF21 2 types

Base Lissante was available in either the Fraiche, for normal to oily skin, or Tendre, for dry skin, versions. It was replaced last year by Base de Teint, which is also available in either Fraiche or Tendre formulations, and belongs to CPB’s international line. CPB appears to have a different line of base makeup products for its domestic market (i.e. Japan). I haven’t had a chance to try those, but the product names differ so I can only assume they are not the same items available elsewhere in the world.

Base Lissante comes in a plastic squeeze tube with 44g of product — an extremely generous amount, considering you only need a tiny amount each time. The dark plastic is a bit of a dust and fingerprint magnet, but aesthetic considerations aside, I like it for its ease of use.

When squeezed out, the makeup base is a very faintly peach-tinged white cream with a powdery scent reminiscent of old lady fragrances.

It spreads easily on well-moisturised skin (not so much on dry skin), but lacks the emollient feel typical of cream products. I feel that it is indeed more suitable for normal-oily skin, as it is sort of dry and powdery. Most noticeably, it leaves a white cast, hence the need to use this sparingly.

As a makeup base, it smoothes the skin. Foundation applies easier over this primer, and pores appear less obvious. My base makeup (i.e. foundation, etc) usually lasts me the day without noticeable fading or oxidation, whichever makeup base I use, so I don’t have anything to say about the comparable effectiveness of Base Lissante at prolonging the wear of base makeup. However, in my experience it has been ineffective at controlling oil. (I normally rely on my sunscreens for oil control.)

To be honest, I’m not sure what I want from a makeup base. I’ve simply gotten into the habit of using one before foundation.



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