P&J eye colour primer (02)

14 February, 2009 § Leave a comment

PAUL&JOE eye colour primer 4.8ml
3 shades

as someone with VERY oily eyelids (囧), eyeshadow primer is an absolute necessity to prevent eyeshadow creasing, smudging and fading through the day. はぁー・・・(*´Д`)=з so when PAUL&JOE released an eyeshadow primer a while ago, i made a mad dash to the counter. (☆゜д゜)ニヤリw their packaging is too cute and girly to pass up. (o´ω`o)ぅふふ (but my interest in P&J sort of died after that so this is the only P&J item i own… 囧囧囧)

the primer comes in 3 shades. i was recommended #02, the middle shade, which is just slightly lighter than my skin so it has a slight brightening effect which i like. (*´∀`*)ゞ

i didn’t take a picture, but inside the lid is a doefoot applicator like the one some lipglosses have. i just dab a little (4.8ml will last a long time! 囧) onto my eyelids and blend out. it’s very easy to blend and dries almost instantly, although the SA advised me to wait a few moments before applying eyeshadow.


i forgot to label the picture. ORZ the one on the left is PAUL&JOE. on the right is TOO FACED shadow insurance, the other eyeshadow primer i use.

P&J eye colour primer has a lighter, more liquid texture than TOO FACED shadow insurance (here onwards referred to as TFSI ♪), and is also drier. TFSI is a bit on the greasy side when initially applied. (or i might have gotten a dodgy tube as it tends to squeeze out water before anything else comes out of the tube ORZ) the P&J eye colour primer in #02 is also a lighter shade than TFSI.


i remembered to label this one. (★ ̄∀ ̄★) when blended out TFSI disappears into the skin but P&J is more obvious and is able to even skin tone a little. which i’m quite glad for as the capillaries (???) on my eyelids are a little obvious and my eye area is a bit discoloured (like permanent eye rings 囧).

however, the P&J eye colour primer doesn’t make eyeshadows apply more vibrantly. (i don’t think TSFI does either though… (´ω`*)ネー) but i suppose evening skin tone and brightening the eyelids is more of a concern for japanese brands.

when used in hot, humid (tropical) weather i have no problems with eyeshadow creasing, fading or smudging. however in drier weather, for some reason, it doesn’t work so well for me and my eyeshadow creases quite quickly. i think it’s because (somehow) my eyelids are oilier in low humidity climates and this primer isn’t too good with controlling oil. …(((;´ω`)ススス



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