SONIA RYKIEL eclateint eternel

6 February, 2009 § 3 Comments

SONIA RYKIEL eclateint eternel 10g 4,200円 (税込)
water gel foundation
SPF25 PA++ 5 shades

SONIA RYKIEL‘s famous water gel or “tofu” foundation. ♪~ ゛(´д`*)゛~♪~♪ フンフン it’s undergone a number of reformulations through the years (from the original “tofu” foundation) and this is the current version. the foundation claims to contain 80% water content for comfortable wear and treatment ingredients to preserve the skin’s moisture. ヽ(*´ω`)ノ゙ ワッチョーィ♪

like the powder foundation, the case for the water gel foundation is sold separately (1,890円 tax incl.) and i didn’t buy it. (´w`*) (the case isn’t necessary to preserve the foundation and prevent it drying up. in fact the little pamphlet that comes with the refill suggests removing the refill from the case if it’s not going to be used for a period of time) the two refill sizes — for the powder and water gel foundations — are different so they don’t fit into each other’s case.

this is a very natural looking foundation. there’s not much coverage, but (with proper and skillful application (´-ω-`)う~ん) it gives the skin a translucent appearance, especially when used together with SONIA RYKIEL‘s makeup base — the l’atout eclat sublime. the pamphlet also suggests pairing it with their brightening makeup base. it also feels nice and cool when first applied, due to the high water content.


the instructions state that you’re meant to use a sponge (i use the large egg-shaped SONIA RYKIEL sponge but the sponge included in the case is smaller) to lightly sweep the surface foundation refill in circular motions and blend onto the face. sounds easy, but it requires a certain amount of skill and method (which i haven’t mastered yet (・ε・`*) …) or the outcome can look very scary. ORZ

because this is a VERY picky foundation. 囧 a reviewer on @cosme described her experience of gel compact foundations as 全滅, and with this foundation at least, i’m inclined to agree. ORZ for this foundation to apply and blend smoothly on the skin, the skin has to be very moisturised. it cakes terribly on dry areas (even worse if those dry areas are also flaky) and sinks into pores otherwise. 囧 it does apply beautifully (and quite easily) when the skin is properly prepped with moisture, but i’ve only managed this once so far. はぁー・・・(*´Д`)=з with lots of moisturiser, serum and SONIA RYKIEL l’atout eclat sublime applied before my sunscreen (japanese sunscreens tend to dry down to a powdery finish not very conducive to foundation application in this case particularly) has fully dried down. (っ´ω`c)キュキューン

this didn’t oxidise on me but it doesn’t wear as well as the treatment powder foundation on oily skin.

i definitely agree with the @cosme reviews that it’s a foundation for people who already have good skin and/or technique. (unfortunately that’s not me…)

the shade numbering is the same as for the treatment powder foundation (and the cream foundation shades should be similarly numbered), but i think the water gel shades are slightly lighter than their corresponding powder shades. 10 is the lightest shade and the only one with pink undertones (not very obvious though…). 20 is darker than 10 (supposedly) but it has yellow undertones. 30, 40 and 50 are neutral toned.




§ 3 Responses to SONIA RYKIEL eclateint eternel

  • ex knight_semi corn says:

    LOL a new manga? XD the guy is quite cute i have to say >D

    • littlewing says:

      OMG i haven’t flailed to you about it? XO it’s suuuperrrrr MOEEE!!!!! XDDD in a fake BL way. XD and all the characters are either cute guys or pretty girls. XD i ♥ the artist’s artwork (… and i’ve read most of her stuff ORZ)

  • Amy says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to buy the following product, please advise the price.
    Recharge fond de teint compact
    Water gel foundation refill
    30 spf26 pa++

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