JILL STUART blush powder (01)

4 February, 2009 § Leave a comment

JILL STUART blush powder 4,410円 (税込) refill 3,150円 (税込)
9 variations

this was my first blush purchase. i’m still a super n00b when it comes to blush (i avoided blush for a long time because of facial redness 囧 but they’re really growing on me now…), which also explains the lack of posts on them as i’m really not sure what to say! (・・?)

i’m very fond of loose powder so a loose powder blush was (to me) the perfect place to start my blush experience. ( ´∀`)ケラケラ and i have a huge weakness for cute/pretty packaging, which makes JILL STUART somewhat an inevitable choice. (ノω`*)んふふ♪ also, i’ve never been attracted by brands with only a few available shades. 囧 i’m not sure why though, because i usually choose very “safe” colours i’m sure most brands have. 囧


01 shy pink is definitely a “safe” colour, as the name more or less implies. うふ♪(* ̄ω ̄)v it’s a sweet, baby pink. quite dolly and cute in my opinion. ♥ and very easy to wear. there’s a little shimmer but it’s quite subtle and not obvious once brushed onto the cheeks.

the blush powder is quite pigmented in my opinion and shows up very easily on my cheeks (i’m maybe about NC20-25?). but maybe it’s because with a loose powder product my brush picks up more product. while it’s not the most finely milled powder, it blends easily and doesn’t fade off during the day.

i love the packaging, although it does take up quite a bit of space and the plastic container reminds me of those dishes tagines are served in. 囧 but it’s very very cute all the same! (≧∇≦)ノ彡 バンバン!


the container and blush powder are sold separately. i’m not sure how a refill looks or how you get it into the case as mine came as a set together all fixed up. (・・?) but i think it’s quite a good thing as you can buy just the refill the next time. the case also includes a little goat hair brush, which is separated from the blush itself by a plastic container. very thoughtful. the brush bristles are very soft, but i prefer using a larger brush. i’m not too fond of the short brush handle either, as i always manage to somehow drop it into the sink. 囧


a metal netting is included so you don’t pick up too much powder. (but i don’t think it makes too much difference… 囧)

this product also has the signature JILL STUART fragrance.



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