JILL STUART illuminance eyes (03)

3 February, 2009 § 1 Comment

JILL STUART illuminance eyes 4.1g 5,250円 (税込)
4 variations

the illuminance eyes series of eyeshadow palettes were first released as part of JILL STUART‘s autumn/winter 2008 collection. of the five variations originally released, one was limited and has since sold out. (JILL STUART limited edition products always sell out so fast (; ̄Д ̄)なんじゃと?) however the limited edition palette looks very similar to one of the permanent variations and JILL STUART isn’t exactly known for inventive colour combinations so it’s probably not too much of a loss. (* ̄∇ ̄)ノAHAHA

this year’s spring release also contains a limited edition illuminance eyes palette which looks very pretty ♥ (at any rate, i think it looks much nicer than the limited seductive eyes palette that’s also part of spring 2009 にゃる~(σ^▽^)σ) but they looked like more recycled colour combinations to me so i gave them a skip too. 囧

(the JILL STUART website doesn’t seem to like safari very much at the moment so i wasn’t able to include the official swatch of the illuminance eyes series i was initially intending to >﹏<)

the seductive eyes series didn’t appeal to me so i don’t own any of those, but compared to the original brilliance eyes, i find the illuminance eyes palettes much better. the colour combinations aren’t very different though, which deters me from adding to my collection.

even though i’d love to see more new colours and more daring combinations, i still like the existing lineup, which does sweet and girly very, very well. °+(*´∀`)b°+° 03 brocade gold effects a very pretty, soft neutral look that i find myself reaching out for a lot as it’s subtle (although the sparkle factor isn’t exactly “subtle”) enough to match easily with almost anything. ♥♥♥


like the other two earlier palette series from JILL STUART, the illuminance eyes palettes are very sparkly, with big chunky glitter bits. ☆﹏☆ i happen to really like bling, so they’re my type of thing. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ゛キャッキャッ the first noticeable difference between illuminance eyes and the earlier palette releases (apart from the even more ornate packaging, which looks even more princessy now 囧) is the improved texture of the eyeshadows.

the first two shades from the left are very similar in texture to the older palettes (kind of grainy and very loosely pressed and fallout prone ORZ), but the two on the right seem to be of a reformulated texture that’s much smoother and silkier and less prone to chunkiness and fallout. they’re also less sparkly. while i’m really happy to see an improvement, fallout is still quite a problem and i end up with annoying glitter over my cheeks whenever i use this palette. Σ( ̄Д ̄lll)


like the brilliance eyes palette i have, this isn’t the most pigmented eyeshadow palette out there, but you can always layer for added intensity and the colour lasts the whole day without fading. it’s also easy to blend.

besides the fallout problem, my only other complaint is that i find the eyeshadow formulation to be quite dry, as sometimes towards the end of the day my eye area tends to feel dry and itchy. ヾ(´Д`;●) ォィォィ

and i’m not too sure what’s the purpose of the first shade on the left (the pink shade). 囧 according to the instructions on the official website, the three neutral shades are first applied to create a gradational look after which the pink shade is applied over the eyeliner. but i’m not sure i see anything very different after applying it, so i tend to omit the pink shade or use it to blend the three neutral shades at the end. 囧



§ One Response to JILL STUART illuminance eyes (03)

  • thisisFany says:

    OOOOOH thank you for the heads up!
    I was wondering if there were any subtleties within a palette *^^*

    Perhaps I’ll just go for a Jewel Crystal Eyes Palette hehe

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