IPSA Skin Beauty Foundation (N)

2 February, 2009 § Leave a comment

IPSA Skin Beauty Foundation 33g 5,250円 (税込)
SPF15 PA+ 2 types, each with 6 shades

This is a discontinued product. The closest equivalent to this cream foundation in the current base makeup lineup would most probably be the Essence in Cream foundation, released earlier this year, the texture of which has been likened to whipped cream (the Essence in Liquid foundation released at the same time is supposed to be “chocolate sauce”, lol) (つ∀`*)っ))⌒☆きゃはは

I bought this in shade N2 (the lightest shade is N1) on sale when it was being phased out. (I’m not sure if I would have purchased it otherwise!) The N series of shades is supposedly more suitable for combination-oily skin, while the C series of shades is more moisturising for dryer skin types.

Like the Skin Beauty Control Base, this comes in a white, plastic airtight pump bottle. I like the pump packaging as it’s hygienic and keeps product fresh longer. The pump is easy to control so you don’t have to push it down fully each time. I usually use less than one pump for my face, and one full pump of foundation is actually too much for me.

Texture-wise it’s a thick, sort of sponge-y cream. (And well, it is a cream foundation.) It feels heavy but not greasy, and has little in the way of moisturising properties. I wouldn’t like to use this in hot, humid weather, but when the weather is cold and dry I find I need a more moisturising foundation than this. There is also little in the way of oil control and it tends to emphasise any dry bits. It requires a little effort to spread so blending is best done through gentle dabbing and tapping motions.

Coverage is about medium… I think, and the finish is matte. It covers most of my facial redness but not any darker scars/pigmentation, which would require a concealer. The creamy texture also provides a little pore coverage (if your pores aren’t too large or obvious). Unfortunately, and this is what I dislike about the matte finish, the foundation when applied looks flat and a little unnatural.

I haven’t noticed any oxidation when using this.

I think it’s fragrance free, but I’ve already thrown the plastic box away so I can’t be sure.

The shade N2 is distinctly yellow-toned and a smidgen light for me, particularly evident when paired with the Skin Beauty Control Base and a physical sunscreen, both of which would lend a white cast.



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