IPSA cleansing milky foam

1 February, 2009 § Leave a comment

IPSA cleansing milky foam 125ml 2,625円 (税込)

according to the IPSA website, this foaming cleanser is supposed to remove surface impurities without stripping and drying the skin and is hence suitable for people with dry skin. i’m not too sure about this though. it dried my skin out quite badly (*´д`)?? (and i don’t have dry skin to being with! 囧)

i received a generous (because each time you only need very little) 50ml GWP size that i’ve been trying to finish with so little success that it’s now been relegated to washing sponges and puffs as well. 囧

the cleanser comes in a translucent white plastic pump bottle with a clear plastic cap, very IPSA-ish. v( ̄∇ ̄)ニヤッ each pump only produces a little cleanser, but very little is required to work up a lot of foam. it’s also very easy to foam the cleanser up. i think it’s very economical, as even my 50ml bottle is taking far longer to finish than i would like. 囧

the cleanser also has a very pleasing orange fragrance that i personally really like. °+(*´∀`)b°+°

the only and main problem i have with it, however, is that contrary to what is listed on the official website, it is very drying on the skin. ヾ(´Д`;●) ォィォィ my skin is combination, usually dehydrated, but even in humid tropical weather this cleanser was far too stripping. it would probably work better for (oilier) skin that isn’t dehydrated.

definitely a no-no for me. Σ( ̄Д ̄lll)



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