IPSA cleansing milk

30 January, 2009 § Leave a comment

IPSA cleansing milk 145ml 3,150円(税込)

i’ve been terrible about neglecting my blog lately. (@_@;) i’ve used almost two thirds of this without writing anything about it.

IPSA renewed their makeup removal line in 2008, releasing two new products — this cleansing milk and a cleansing gel — to replace their previous cleansing milk and gel products. (the cleansing oils remain the same) the cleansing milk is more suitable for dryer and/or sensitive skin types, whereas the cleansing gel is usually recommended for oilier skin types.

like other cleansing milks, this is meant to be used on dry skin and wiped off with cotton pads, and is more suitable for removing light makeup. it probably wouldn’t fare very well with eye makeup, especially the waterproof type.

the cleansing milk is a milky, translucent white liquid with a thick consistency and no particular fragrance. in my opinion, it’s closer in texture to cleansing oil or gel than cleansing milk, and much lighter and less creamy than SISLEY’s lyslait, which i was previously using. once spread out and massaged on the face it’s more like a very thick cleansing oil. 囧

contrary to my expectations given its oily texture, i don’t think it’s rich or moisturising enough for dry skin types. i would prefer a more creamy formulation with more moisturising ingredients. and i wouldn’t repurchase it for this reason. however, it’s fairly efficient at removing my makeup so all in all i’m still quite happy with it. (o´ω`o)

the instructions printed on the bottle suggest using 3 pumps, which i generally follow. i find two pumps too little to properly massage my face with. but the product finishes much too fast. Σ( ̄Д ̄lll) there’s only one third of the bottle left after about a month’s usage. ORZ

i was also quite surprised the bottle didn’t come with the usual IPSA plastic box, but less packaging is always good (for the environment at least). the pump comes with its usual plastic clip thingie so you don’t have to worry about spillage even without the box.



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