COW 無添加 泡の洗顔料

12 December, 2008 § Leave a comment


COW BRAND 無添加 泡の洗顔料 150ml 651円 (税込)
“no additives” foaming face wash

the 2nd product from my drugstore haul. (o´ω`o)ぅふふ ignoring the truly 囧-worthy brand name, the “no additives” face care series contains no colouring, fragrance, preservatives (including parabens) and stabilisers, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. the original “no additives” product was a facial bar soap, but its popularity resulted in the subsequent expansion of the line, which now includes a rich cleanser, this cleanser, a cleansing oil and a cleansing milk, with the latter two being makeup removers.


this cleanser claims to quickly and gently clean your face, leaving it feeling moist.

it comes in a very simple white plastic pump bottle, with the labeling printed in pink. quite cute. (´∀`*) the pump itself is quite tall so the actual bottle size isn’t very large. the pump doesn’t have a cover, instead you get a plastic “clip” thing to sort of clip onto the pump that prevents it from getting pressed down accidentally.

this is actually a cleansing mousse, so the cleanser is dispensed already foamed up and ready to use when you press the pump. i find it a hassle to foam up cleansers and much prefer using cleansing mousses. °+(*´∀`)b°+° the main disadvantage is that they don’t last very long. (。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。 ) used twice daily, with 2 pumps each time, it would last only about 2 months. ORZ normal foaming cleansers last me much longer.

the foam for this cleanser is very soft and fine. and as the packaging says, creamy. really nice to use! (≧∇≦)キャー♪ unlike the SISLEY cleansing mousse (my sort of HG until i find something better) the foam doesn’t dissolve on contact with damp/wet skin so it’s likely to be more drying on the skin.

despite its claims to leaving a moist after-wash feeling, i think this leaves more of a “squeaky clean” feel after washing. i’m not really surprised as most japanese cleansers seem to, even those that claim to be “rich” or “moist”. it is, however, less stripping than the other japanese foaming cleansers i’ve tried, and so far i haven’t found it too drying when used once a day in hot, humid weather, but i probably wouldn’t be able to use this more often or in dryer weather as my skin tends to be easily dehydrated.

it does, however, clean my face effectively and gently without irritating my skin. there’s also no noticeable smell at all, which i like.

it’s a cheap and good product. *(ノ^∀^)ノ*(ノ^∀^)ノ* and i probably would buy it again (provided i see it for sale somewhere 囧). although, for a no-preservatives product, it doesn’t seem to state any sort of expiry date or product shelf-life, which is a little worrisome. (*´д`)??



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