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MAJOLICA MAJORCA majolook (trick on) 4g 1,500円
4 variations

the trick on palettes were first released this year with the spring collection. all four shades are now powder shadows. the dodgy cream liner/highlighter of the older versions has been discarded and the powder shadows have been reformulated. YAY! XD GR741 was the LE release from spring. it’s sold out now, but the other two spring palettes are permanent and still available. they’re also more boring browns and pinks. = =+ two more trick on palettes were released with the autumn collection, and they’re both on my shopping list. XD

i skipped the older majolook palettes as cream shadows (or liners) don’t appeal much to me. ^ ^b and i haven’t read a positive comment about them yet. ORZ but i ♥ this palette! ♡﹏♡ if only it weren’t LE (or i had a backup :P), i’d use it more often. XD


the colours are all shimmery, with the “trick on” powder having the most obvious shimmer. ♥ the gold shimmer bits in the “trick on” powder are gorgeous! ♡﹏♡ the “trick on” powder is meant to be used last, on top of the other colours on the inner corner of your eyelid for a wet, glossy (= =?) finish that’s supposed to add depth to the eye area. i’m not sure about depth, but the shimmers in the “trick on” powder make the other colours even prettier. ♥ although i don’t understand why it’s the largest pan in the palette. = =?

the colours are (surprisingly) pigmented and i get very good colour payoff from all the shades. ♥ they apply pretty much true to pan on me as well and i don’t have to layer much for a vibrant look. actually i ended up looking more dramatic than i’d originally intended when i first used it. = =||| i was expecting something sheer like the KATE glam trick eyes palette i own, but this was reallyyyyy good! XD


the reformulated texture is great too. ♥ i haven’t tried the older formula so i don’t know what they were like, but the shades in this palette are very silky, with an almost wet texture. they’re soft, but i don’t find them powdery or chalky, and quite finely milled. they apply smoothly and blending is easy. i do get some (minimal) fallout, but that’s less than what i usually experience with the KATE palette (which is the only other drugstore palette of a similar price range that i’ve tried).

i use an eyeshadow primer before my eyeshadows so i don’t experience any creasing or fading through the day.

the cute, whimsical packaging is also a major plus with me! XD i look forward to adding more items to my MJ collection. ♥



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