COFFRET D’OR 3D lighting eyes (03)

27 November, 2008 § 3 Comments


COFFRET D’OR 3D lighting eyes 5.8g
5 variations

3D lighting eyes was released for spring 2008, and was part of the launch of the COFFRET D’OR line, which now includes both point and base makeup items. these palettes are all permanent items so they’re still available. i think the newer trance deep eyes palettes look more interesting but the colour combinations for both are the usual run-of-the-mill mix of shades from the same colour family. and there’s always the obligatory brown, blue and pink. = =+ i have this in #03 silver blue variation and this is the only item from COFFRET D’OR i currently own. ^ ^b

i don’t like COFFRET D’OR‘s packaging much, especially compared to T’ESTIMO and REVUE, the two brands COFFRET D’OR replaced. = =+ COFFRET D’OR‘s silver case lid — the bottom is unappetising regular boring black plastic = =+ — and pink crystal cross, look tacky to me.


i like the silver blue variation palette i have very much. ♥ i wanted the purple variation originally (cos i ♥♥♥ purple! XD) but the counter SA talked me out of it as i was buying LUNASOL‘s sheer contrast eyes in lavender coral at the same time. she suggested this palette instead (after shooting down my other choice, the gold variation with brown is too boring 囧) and i’m really glad i took her advice! ♥ the silver, gold and navy in this palette blend together (what goes where instructions on the plastic case XD) to create a cool, sophisticated look (which i’m not, but at least i can pretend XD) although the gold shade has the tendency to look muddy and dirty on me if i’m not careful. D:

all the shades are shimmery, but without obvious chunky glitter bits. i love the shimmer! ♥ well, okay… half of the highlighting shade is matte, but i run my brush across both the matte and shimmery shade so the highlighter is still counted as shimmery. XD the colours show up really well on me, although the silver shade tends to be a bit sheer and i have to layer more.


the texture of the eyeshadows is quite nice. the highlighting shade is a little on the powdery side and the navy lining shade is slightly harder but overall the texture of the eyeshadows is silky and quite soft. they’re easy to pick up with a brush and easy to blend as well. i still get some eyeshadow fallout though. D:

sadly this doesn’t last too well on me, and i get some creasing and fading even with TFSI.



§ 3 Responses to COFFRET D’OR 3D lighting eyes (03)

  • Jess says:

    Oh, I love this palette, since i feel the shades are neutral enough for usual wear!

  • Jess says:

    I forgot to say, that the dark navy shade kinda reminds me of the petroleum blue in my YSL eyeshadow duo palette, yet it is not shimmery.

    • littlewing says:

      Yes, I think it’s quite a wearable palette for everyday, especially if you like navy shades. :D But I think the petroleum blue YSL shade is much prettier, haha.

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