MIKIMOTO Eturia Loose Powder

18 October, 2008 § 2 Comments

MIKIMOTO Eturia Loose Powder 30g
2 shades

I use the pink shade, but there is also a beige shade (which I haven’t tried). As someone else noted previously, pink is probably more suitable for fair skin tones as it would not match darker complexions. The “pinkness” of this pink shade, if there is even such a word, is, however, very subtle, and the powder looks more of a neutral beige in the container.

The packaging is large, bulky and quite solid, so although the lid shuts securely (unlike some other loose powders with similar sized packaging) it’s not exactly travel-friendly. The included puff is possibly my favourite thing about this powder. ♥ (Personally I find the packaging quite ugly, but.) The puff is a generous size, thick and plush. I’m not so sure about the piece of clear plastic (you’re not meant to throw it away) that is meant to separate the puff from the powder. I would have preferred something less flimsy. The netting also isn’t as finely meshed as I would like, but it’s not something that really bothers me.

The powder is soft and very fluffy. It’s quite finely milled, but certainly not the most finely milled. I would probably consider it better than average. This powder has shimmer, and although I don’t think the shimmer particles are visible at normal viewing distance, they’re obvious when I scrutinise my face up close in the mirror (something I try not to do!). Application, for me, requires a little care as too much of this powder will produce an undesirable powdery look.

The powder is labelled as non-drying and suitable for dry skin types, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with dry skin as there are other powders I’ve used that better fulfil the non-drying claim. On my dehydrated but combination-oily skin, however, it works quite well. My face does not get oily as quickly, but is also not further dried out by the powder. It also has some ability to cover and/or diffuse the appearance of pores for a (slightly) smoother look.

This powder seems quite highly rated on Taiwanese sites, but I haven’t liked it enough to repurchase. I don’t dislike it, but neither am I about to go off shouting its name from the rooftops, or anything like that. :P



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