AYURA f-sign defense skin care liquid (more)

12 October, 2008 § Leave a comment


AYURA f-sign defense skin care liquid 30ml 4,000円
SPF20 PA++ 6 shades

(continued from the previous post…) 

the f-sign defense line was formulated without added fragrance, mineral oil and alcohol. (and i think a few other things, but it’s all on the official website XD) and the SPF comes from physical sunscreen ingredients. it was designed to be suitable for usage by people with sensitive skin. and this foundation is supposed to have a “barrier effect” to protect the skin against external aggressions from the environment. (or so it says :P)

wearing this is very comfortable. i don’t feel as though i’m wearing foundation, it’s so light. ^ ^ even though the weather was very dry today, i didn’t experience any dryness/itching or discomfort in general. and i usually feel a little itchy once i go out and the wind starts blowing. 囧

i seem to have bought a foundation with some oil control at least, for a change. XD my face, or rather my nose area, seems less shiny than usual. XD as my cheeks aren’t dry and flaky — my foundation looks as “stuck on” as though i’d just applied it :P — i assume there must be some moisturising properties too. ^ ^b i doubt it’s a very moisturising foundation though and i probably wouldn’t use this in winter. but the watery texture is great for warmer weather. ♥

further conclusions from scary department store counter lighting = =+ —– coverage of facial redness is GOOD (i mixed green colour corrector in, but i do this for all my other foundations too), but smoothness/pore coverage is rather non-existent. = =||| scars/blemishes show up some too but i don’t care enough to actually use a concealer. i might try this with the corresponding pact though.

i don’t notice any oxidation even after 8 or so hours. ^ ^ … i don’t think i’ve had a foundation oxidise on me yet though. @ @

this is going to be my daily staple for the rest of the bottle! ♥



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