AYURA f-sign defense skin care liquid (210)

11 October, 2008 § Leave a comment


AYURA f-sign defense skin care liquid 30ml 4,000円
SPF20 PA++ 6 shades

i use 210 (soft ochre), which is supposed to be a light neutral shade. the lightest shade is #200 (light ochre), which is one shade lighter. there are also 2 beige shades (beige denotes a stronger yellow undertone compared to ochre which is more neutral), but no pink ones.

while i don’t think 210 is too light for me, i’m not sure if it’s too dark. it seemed like an acceptable match when i tried it this morning, but i also mixed some green colour corrector in which lightened the shade a little. contrary to the online swatches, which appear peachy on my computer screen, it’s rather yellow. = =|||

it has a very light, runny consistency and spreads very easily. i used my foundation brush (BOBBI BROWN; don’t like it >”<) and blending was so quick and easy it basically disappeared into my skin. ♥ coverage was surprisingly good with a foundation brush. i was expecting sheerer coverage (and having to use the corresponding skin care pact as well) from the magazine features — there’s usually a graph charting the coverage/finish of all the foundations mentioned — and @cosme reviews. but when applied with a foundation brush this managed to cover my facial redness and even out most of my blemish scars so they were much less noticeable. i skipped concealer too. XD this foundation is, however, no good at covering pores (probably because it has such a fluid consistency).

the finish is very very natural and soft. ♥ kind of like your skin, but better. XD it’s more on the matte side, but i usually mix a green colour corrector or a fluid sheer into my foundations so i get a more luminous look.

the bottle looks extremely small for something that has 30ml of product, but there’s no pump (i was expecting one), and it’s a squeeze bottle instead. = =||| i definitely prefer a pump bottle as it’s easier to control the amount dispensed and less messy. however the mouth of this bottle is narrow enough that only a little product comes out when squeezed. considering that the old sensitive skin care liquid (probably discontinued as the f-sign defense seems to be a replacement of sorts) comes in a tube (= =!) i suppose i shouldn’t be surprised there’s no pump. = =+

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